02/16/22 | Stephen

Not for serious chewers

I mean... it flies very well, lots of fun. But if your dog is a serious chewer like our Border Collie, it may only last a couple of minutes before being utterly destroyed. I have yet to find a frisbee as good as the 4 euro ones from B&Q last summer. That lasted over 6 months with our dog. This one? Five minutes.
12/03/18 | Derek Scanlan

inferior compared to other, cheaper frisbees

A very light frisbee. It was tricky to get it to fly straight and was of no use at all in any sort of breeze. The first time i threw it into water, it sank, which makes it totally useless for a water-loving dog! The Little Paws Frisbee (a euro cheaper) is a far superior product. It is heavier, flies dead straight, and floats on top of any body of water, even in a strong current. I won't be using these trixie ones again
01/03/17 | Penny


My dog loves to chew but these are very resistant to tearing. She loves jumping up and catching them. I am not a good thrower but with these I am much better than usual.
07/27/16 | Maggie


My dog really loves it.we had few before but this one -there is something about that Joy can't resist
03/17/16 | Louise

Not bite-resistant

One of these arrived in yesterday's order. It looked promising but after 30 minutes in the park today it's looking a bit chewed and there is a 1cm x 1cm chunk hanging off. It's not going to last long. On the plus side, my dog really liked it.
11/11/15 | Ronan

Extremely Durable!

My shepherd LOVES these frisbees. They are extremely strong and bite proof!
08/01/15 | C Hammond

Great flyer, and lasts!

This is one of the 2 toys which has lasted a fair few months for daily activity for my labrador puppy. Flies well, especially when it catches the wind! Lasted a few months, before bite marks destroyed the toy and its aerodynamics!
06/08/14 | May

A favourite

This is the best toy ever as far as the Bostons are concerned. It flies well, sometimes too well when the wind catches it; it stays in shape and has stayed intact. I have three just incase one gets stuck up a tree.
06/28/13 | charlotte

trixie frisbie

this is a brilliant toy my 6 year old staffie loves this and has lasted 5 months and is still going strong
09/06/12 | Patrick

Frisbee maniac

This frisbee is great - dog loves it and never gets tired of chasing it and so far (several months) he's not managed to do any damage to it at all - despite vigorous attempts
08/05/11 | Egle Sangaviciene

activity disk

We have had 4 Kong flyer's but I am very glad with this, because it really fly's very well and it's not that easy to bite through. So I'm more happy than with Kong flyer. Great thing!

great flyer

This frizbee is fantastic. Its tough, light and a great flyer. My collie loves it. We have had it for 6 months and used it nearly every day and there's not a mark on it. highly recommended.

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