07/14/21 | Fiona Tedore


My Doberman loves it. Easy to assemble and dishwasher safe.

11/28/18 | Laura


My dog would never eat his dry biscuits in the morning...until we got this! He absolutely loves it, it’s so much fun for him. We love to watch him concentrate so hard on getting them out! Definitely recommend!

06/24/18 | Joe

Slot Machine

It took Rocket about 2 hours to fully get the hang of it but now he's like a granny at a slot machine, alrernating between paws. Hours of enjoyment and mental tiring too.

06/10/18 | Sonia Evans

Great for Rabbits!

My 2 rabbits love this toy. They worked it out very quickly. It helps delay them scoffing their pellets and gives them a challenge.

05/07/18 | Caroline

Frenzied attack!

Working Cocker goes mad and loves this. Reason for 3 stars is i have to hold it because she knocks it over and throws it around to get the treats out. Product needs to be locked onto a heavier base but the legs rest in indentations on the base.

01/22/18 | Josie

keeps them occupied

Bought this for my little Yorkie's Christmas He wasn't too sure how it worked the first day but now he's hitting it with his paw and twirling the wee containers round to get the treats out It keeps him amused and his brain active would recommend

01/17/18 | laura

my daxi loves this

absolutly fab. easy to assemble great for mind stimulation i put treats in for play time but would also be great as a sort of slow feeder for kibble i use the grain free ostrich chunks in this which are a perfect size did have a great vid to put on but you cant place pics or vids on to the reviews which is a shame

01/07/18 | Livia

Very entertaining

Our two Dobermans love this toy. Keeps them occupied. There are two levels and they've worked out the principal very quickly so the second difficulty level is very useful.

10/18/17 | Breda

Sturdy but not best product

Easy put together, would perfect larger ‘tunnels’ My fella just couldn’t get the hang of this toy, he loved all the others but this was a no. Very sturdy, good structure, unsure if it’s dishwasher safe

07/19/17 | Kerri Nash

My dog loves it!

It's alot smaller than you'd think but my labradoodle loves it. Took half an hour to figure that he had to tip the cups over for a treat but he's obsessed now!