Kong classic rec

GreT toy, very tough has lasted months for our Labrador who destroys ALL toys! Great value for money, highly recommend it .



The best peanut butter holder

One of my dogs favourite toys she choose I’m pleased with it even when there isn’t anything inside us. Pop it in the dishwasher every few days and it’s Grand
12/09/20 | Katarzyna

Absolutely brilliant toy

She loves Kong
12/04/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

Money down the drain

My dog ​​managed to split the Kong in half in less than two minutes. It was a waste of money

Kong toy

I bought a King toy for my dog telling myself it was great value for money.. in the end it lasted one hour..
10/20/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Insufficient resistance

destroyed by a Golden : didn't stand up to the task
10/05/20 | Saadet

About thesize of the product

I bought XL for my Beagle Alfred but it is oversized. Which one is suitable for a beagle? M or L?

Not going to be used

Seeing as so many people rave a bout this toy online I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately it smells - stinks rather - of rubber and chemicals ! Even after washing it several times, soaking it etc. the smell won't go away. I'm not sure I want my puppy to have something like that in his mouth. A real shame and very disappointing.
09/13/18 | Roo

Essential dog distracter

So good. Niff gets his dinner out of two of these every day, it slows down his eating & gives him enrichment. If we ever forget to use them, he looks at us like, whattttt? Can also be frozen for summer treat, or tied to a tree to keep them busy outside. Smear with peanut butter and give to an anxious dog a few mins before you are about to leave the house to keep them occupied and distract from your departure. Dishwashable but would suggest low temp setting as one of ours got tacky at 70degs.
02/04/18 | Monika

very good

My dog just love it.
06/02/17 | Susan Cooper

Best Thing I ever bought

My Scottie goes nuts for this thing, as soon as i say Kong she stops what she is doing (normally digging up my garden or barking) and comes running.

Loves this!

Prefers her dinner in the Kong so we now have 2 + the wobbler kong. If we put her dinner in her bowl she just looks at it and waits for it to be put in her Kongs.
10/24/15 | Andrew


We have a 2 year old Dalmatian X Pointer and she absolutely loves this. Have previously tried so called "indestructible" chew toys which last a couple of hours at best, this on the other hand keeps her occupied for hours. Although, when she's had the treats out of it she leaves it alone and plays with her other toys. Definitely worth getting for an active chewer
06/08/14 | Liz

Could not be without it!

We have a 6 month old puppy and this item provides him with plenty of entertainment. We have tried stuffing with a range of food and he loves it. Well worth the cost.
06/08/14 | Sheila Rodgers

Another frustrating toy.

For some reason my dog will not touch this toy if you put food inside it. Without food he will happily chase it for a little while if we throw it for him but then he goes to find his lighter, more flexible balls and brings them to us instead.
11/29/13 | suzie

Fast delivery*****

My Basil is a Great Dane cross and despite his old age still loves his toys. I ordered classic kong on Saturday and It arrived on Friday so I was please with the quick delivery. Basil has been quiet for the last hour with his kong on the floor so me and the other dog are happy.
09/07/13 | Karen Rowland


I have a very active Keeshond who has chewed through every toy except this one! Had it for two days now and been playing with it constantly and there isn't even a chew mark on it!

Completely indestructible

Got this and the black kong bone for my two Dobermans. They destroy all toys within minutes but they have not managed to damage these. They particularly like this one. The best dog chew toy on the market!
06/14/13 | cgarvey


Have had a few of these (and only because we've lost them, or our lab has buried them somewhere!). They're great to control frantic eating (our lab always thinks there's no tomorrow), and great for a treat. Even years later, he still gets so excited over this. We use the bigger Royal Canin kibble in ours, but it'll take smaller kibble too. Pack it in as tight as you can (you won't break this thing!), to make it more challenging!

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