09/20/19 | Angelika

A very nice ball

Very good. My dog is happy
09/13/18 | Roo

Never goes out of favour!

Our staffy-x loves to chase these. The squeaker is super loud (don't raise it up to head-height while squeaking!! Can feel the nerve cells perish!) so good as an attention grabber / recall toy in the park. Stood up to staffy chewing - ours likes to peel the fuzz like an orange, so we have a fairly high turnover, but they don't moult otherwise, and soft enough for indoor use. Slightly smaller than a standard tennis ball I think, so may pose a swallowing hazard for very large dogs.

The loudest toy I've ever heard

My dog loves tennis balls and squeaky toys the most, so this was a must for us! Moreover, the sound is absolutely horrible, it is very loud, I have never seen a dog squeaky toy as loud as this one. For my ears the worst toy ever, but the dog still loves it.

Durable toy

Its great durable toy but extremly squeky! Never had louder toy in the house than thos one but at least it brings the joy and fun and so far after all chewing it didnt break
11/01/17 | Angela

Fletcher loves these

I have brought these a few time, they are great value for money and my Boxer loves them. Sometimes he chews them and thoroughly enjoys doing it and sometimes he doesn't. He likes to hide them round the house and he knows where they all are.
08/02/17 | Martin

Very durable:)

My Alaskan Shepherd destroys every toy within hours (especially balls) except for these which just outlived everything and were mostly given away to other heavy chewers:) Recommending to everyone and it's the small (M) ones that are for the launchers by the way!
06/10/17 | Rosemary O' Keeffe

Rubbish quality and dangerous

Balls were trashed within minutes by my two JRTs who are not heavy chewers and who were fully supervised. The squeakers popped out of all three balls after a few minutes when my dogs were pressing on them to hear the squeak. This poses a danger of choking or ingestion. Would not recommend and am disappointed Kong have put their name to such an inferior product

Last much longer

Good quality but mainly due to the fact that the squeak makes her look after them, she likes to carry them for longer
12/03/16 | Helena

We love these!

These balls last much longer than any other doggy tennis ball. I don't give them to my dogs to chew just purely for fetching and playing so we tend to lose them before they wear out! Good value for money and my dogs love the squeak!
09/13/15 | Kim

Dog's favourite toy

One of our corgis loves chasing tennis balls but these are by far his favourite. He loves that they squeak and will chase them more than he will a plain ball. I think they last fairly well, as long as he is not left to his own devices and chew on them. Like any tennis ball, they can look rather worn after much use but I think they hold up better than the cheap tennis balls that I have bought at large supermarkets. I don't think our dog could be without them!

Great fun and long lasting

My dog loves these balls and they have lasted a lot longer than normal tennis balls which she tends to pull the covering off.

Love this!

My GSD loves tennis balls and these are more durable than most dog tennis balls which he can destroy within seconds. The squeak is perfect for getting his focus back when he gets distracted by something else.
06/08/14 | Sheila Rodgers

Absolutely one of the favourites!

My dog adores this ball. He would play with it all day, if we were there to throw it for him. He loves to squeak it. The squeaker does stop working after a while (we've had more than one of these balls!), and his current ball now has the fabric covering hanging off it, but he likes that as he has something else to grab when he's carrying it. I highly recommend these balls - as long as you realise they're not going to last forever.
06/08/14 | Janine McCullough

Squeaky pleasure

Best toys for both our dogs. One loves to sleep with her squeaky tennis ball in her mouth.
10/14/13 | Lynn

Long Lasting Ball

My cross breed retrieves tennis balls for a living and has a habit of munching on them between throws. Even good quality tennis balls don't survive this treatment very often but these balls do - I am much more likely to lose one through my erratic throwing than through rough treatment by the dog. I don't leave him to settle down to have a really good tear at it though so, if your dog does that, it might not stand such a good chance. The squeaker doesn't last that long but I didn't really buy them for that.
04/30/13 | kimberley

cheapest ive found!

my buddy loves these balls and this site is the cheapest ive ever found them to be
03/31/13 | Soren

Very good

My boyfriend bought one of these as a last resort for his satffy collie cross who refuses to play with anything. He squeaked it and rolled it and his dog absolutely loved it, has hours of fun with them outside. they are incredibley strong aswell as his dog and my bullmastiff enjoy destroying balls but these seem indestructible. Deffintely reccomend them for £1 a ball.
09/27/12 | Kerry Thompson


I place an order for these balls on a regular basis as they often get lost when used with a ball launcher. The addition of a squeaker just adds to the fun.
09/22/12 | Dan Richardson

Chewers beware!

Please be careful with these, they last a VERY long time but the squeak has a habit of popping out if the ball is chewed.
09/07/12 | tracy

Drives us nuts!!

After chasing my 8 year old lab around the park for the umpteenth time for nicking a spaniels squeaky ball i had to take action and buy him one!So on recommendation of spaniels owner bought these.It drives him nuts loves it and are super bouncy only downsize is squeaker hasn't lasted but depends on the dog as most spaniels seem to of lasted but murphy will keep squeaking it till death!!

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