19/08/23 | Steph
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Strongest plush

FINALLY we have found a soft toy (my dogs favorite) that lasts longer than 5 minutes. He's been chewing and playing with this fox for a fee days and looks like it will last a long time (fingers crossed), my dog is 14kg
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Strong mold smell

When i got the toy I was first very happy with my purchase. But shortly after I noticed a very strong mold smell.
04/01/22 | Sabina
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doesn't fit to beagles

My 11 month old beagle boy got it for X-mas. Toy lived 10 minutes. A head broke first ....
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Dog loved it

Dogs have really enjoyed playing with this. Durable
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Great Toy

We have a lab/boxer cross puppy who likes to chew everything. This fox is his favourite and has lasted the longest.
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We have a 6 month Staffy puppy who is heavily into chewing his toys. He has chewed through many, but “foxy” has been, so far, really resilient and a favourite. Also on the plus side is the pitch of the squeaker, which engages Georgie in gentle play, not the mad frenzy he has with some of his other squeaky toys.