Didn't last long

90 minutes after I gave my dog this toy it was in bits. After 10 minutes I was tying the arms to try to keep it together. I will admit she had loads of fun destroying it though!

09/03/17 | lizzie

good chew

we have an English bulldog and this is one of his favourite toys he chews on it a lot and i would say it did last quite long. although bits have started to unravel he still loves to chew and throw this around!


Not Boxer-proof!

I got this on impulse for my Boxer Puppy - he loves to chew stuff & also likes to hug stuff going to sleep. Its a lot smaller than I expected, but he loves it. He loves it so much that in the space of the 2 days we've had it, he's unravelled most of one arm and the toy looks like its got hair with the bit he's unravelled (shame I can't post a pic cos it looks hilarious!) But for the price I can't complain. But tbh, I think this toy would be much better suited to a cat!

04/10/15 | S.crane

Not bad

Got this for border collie puppy who seems to like it but the stiching on mouth came off in 30 seconds and the ends of the tail and legs started to unravel just as fast I've since tied the ends in knots which seems to be working all in all not bad for the price but I wouldn't leave it with the dog unattended as i would be afraid of chocking hazards .

10/30/14 | Dexter

Same as below...

An arm started to unravel after a few minutes play so have tied the ends in knots. Can't complain for the price and my pup seems to like it.

10/09/14 | CB

Puppy liked it, good value

Fairly good quality, good value for money and our dog loved it.


good toy for the price

I bought this for £2.99 and it's a good quality toy for the price. It won't last long with my puppy as she loves tearing things apart but I would definately recommend.

02/15/11 | Frank Gürges

rope animal

Awesome toy. Our dog plays with this all the time. So far its survived a whole 2 months of puppy abuse. Love it

01/18/10 | Possumgirl

Not durable

My 9-month-old Border Collie decimated this in about 3 minutes flat. She loves it, so that's on the positive side, but the regular rope toys last longer than this.

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