04/12/18 | Margaret Burns
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Excellent occupier

My Smooth Coat Collie loves these bones, they don't last a huge amount of time as she tends to concentrate for ages on one bone. Bits are left behind to share with a friend! Superb product and it does not upset Bridget's stomach.
05/02/17 | chris
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long-lasting chew

my puppy loves these and they last her quite a while, which is quite unusual for her!
01/07/16 | asoasvsppw
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26/05/16 | Louise
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Good Gnasher workout 🐾🐾🐾🐾👍

Both our senior and young adult German shepherds love these bones with the strip in. they chew for a good hour or more and really enjoy there bones .I recommend the largest size for strong jaws like sheps labs rotties etc as I think they would demolish the smaller sizes too quick and it wouldn't seem as good value as the larger ones last longer. So overall I recommend but supervision is needed as sharp bits can be gulped if you don't monitor so be aware! . Happy Gnashing woof woof 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
02/04/16 | wilma
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Very good

My dogs love these, I have English mastiffs and they love to take their time with these chews, instead of just chump in them up. great product