Skin & Coat Care

Shop the range of Dog Treats that are aimed at enhancing your dog's Skin & Coat care, for that healthy look and feel they've always desired!
    3 products
    3 products

    Tasty chewy strips or sticks for dogs, in a range of flavours. These meaty treats are easy to portion, making them ideal for rewarding your dog, and contain valuable omega-3, vitamins and minerals.

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    Multi 3 Flavour (20 Snacks)
    €2.29€1.59 / 100g
    Poultry (20 Snacks)
    €2.29€1.59 / 100g
    Saver Pack: 14 x Multi 3 Flavour (14 x 20 Snacks)
    individually priced €32.06Now€30.49€1.51 / 100g
    Saver Pack: 14 x Poultry (14 x 20 Snacks)
    individually priced €32.06Now€30.49€1.51 / 100g
    GRAU HOKAMIX 30 Snack

    Tried & tested GRAU Hokamix herb mix for dogs, tasty snacks with delicious chicken, particularly for picky dogs, for healthy skin, shiny fur and a boosted metabolism

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    €17.99€22.49 / kg

    Rawhide chew bone dog treats which support shiny fur and supple skin. The salmon filling is enriched with linseed for a healthy metabolism. Your dog will love this grain-free supplementary food treat.

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    6 x 12cm
    Was €9.99Now€8.69€28.97 / kg
    Saver Pack: 12 x 12cm
    individually priced €17.38Now€14.99€24.98 / kg