30/05/18 | Joanne Joergensen
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Great Chew but poor stock availability

This is a really great chew for our dogs and they thoroughly enjoy it. It is clean, not too much fat left and they actually smell pretty good unlike the other ears you can buy from other sites. The only grudge I have is that whenever I want to order it is usually not available. For some reason the Bavarian cows are a pretty difficult lot to catch. I dont quite understand it as the shelf life of the product is pretty long sp why do you always run out after 1 month?? Just buy more stock!!!
30/05/17 | Beryl
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A healthier option

My spaniel has severe pancreatitis, and cannot eat most of what is available, pigs ears, other cows' ears. It is so difficult to find any treats whcih will not set off his pain, but these ears are excellent, not greasy and he does love them. The only problem is they appear to be in short supply, and we always have to wait for them!
02/03/16 | Beryl Watts
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a top product

These ears are great for my spaniel who has pancreatic problems. Most other products have higher fat content and cause pain for my dog. These are the only ones I dare give to him.
20/05/15 | Karen Fraser
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Top Quality Healthy Treat

My Labrador LOVES these. I prefer these Bavarian ears to the other brand available on the site and also pig's ears as these don't smell of additives and chemicals. They are also not as greasy and a much healthier option. My lab also loves the ducks necks that you can get from the site. I stuff them inside a Kong. Keeps him occupied for at least 15 mins!
11/01/15 | Carol
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Cow Ears

they are brill, low in fat not too small or too big. I have 2 mini schnauzers and a springer spaniel, much better than pig ears which make my 3 dogs drink for England as they must be loaded with salt. Cow ears keep them quietly chewing away as a treat, with out any affects after eating them.