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Our Pup loves it

These things are 70cm long and nice and thick as well. Our German shepherd is currently happily chewing on one. I will very likely order again
14/12/18 | JT
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Fantastic chew

My english mastiff loves this. Best treat ever.
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Excellent, Bulldog loves them

Very impressed, these are huge! Half of one lasts nearly an hour which is a long time for my strong-chewing Bulldog.
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Huge and long lasting

These chews are huge! They last about 45 minutes with my Labs who will go through a pig's ear in just a couple of minutes. Rawhide is often vomited up, but we haven't had any issue with these. Will definitely recommend.
23/02/18 | Linda
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Lasts longer than other treats.....

This keeps my dogs occupied for longer than other treats I have bought. I like to give my natural treats, rather than ‘prtend’ ones and traits definitely does the job.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

long lasting

i believe dogs need to chew for their teeth and contentment as it relaxes them when doing so these last for a long while so much that they return to them if left unfinished
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Fantastic! Long Lasting! A+++++

These beef scalp chews are fantastic. Our dog is a chewer and we have always struggled to find something that lasts. This keeps our Weimaraner busy for ages. They are super long too, I really wasn't expecting them to be so long! A great snack! Highly recommended! A++++++++++
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Hours of chewing fun!

These are huge! Long-lasting even for my vizsla who usually devours chews in minutes... Healthier alternative to rawhide. Firm favourite, dog loves them.
27/01/17 | Tracy Eastwood
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These are huge, very easy to snap in half. My 5 month old Doberman puppies have been working on half each for about 3 hours and are still going strong. Don't hesitate if you have a large breed or heavy chewer. The absolute best longest lasting chew I have ever found. Will certainly purchase again.
17/07/16 | Karen Fraser
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Great Chew Treat for Itchy Dogs

My black lab has skin allergies and one of the hardest things to find for him was a wholesome treat without loads of flavourings and preservatives on them. I can assure any allergy ridden dog owner that these are the best treats I have found for my lad without him breaking out with skin issues. I saw them up into 2 pieces and one piece takes him around 20 minutes to finish. Definately his favourite treat. Thanks Zooplus for selling these in multi packs at a great price.
31/03/16 | Julie
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My Lab loves these

Well worth it, they keep him busy for ages, he used to like a pigs ear but now turns his nose up in favour of having one of these. My lab loves these, was going to re order but they have gone up in price and have found them cheaper on a different site.
26/07/15 | Rottiemum
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A LONG lasting chew!

these chews are brilliant. I used to leave my rottie with a pizzle stick but these last much longer and are much better value. they are super long but I cut them in half & even then one half chew lasted him nearly 3 hours & they are quite low in fat too so seem gentle on his tummy. will definitely buy again.
03/05/15 | sebQuest
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They're huge

I know the length was quoted in the product summary but being English & of a certain age metric measurements aren't readily identifiable to to me so they were quite a shock when they arrived. Fortunately, they can be snapped into manageable sizes, though believe me, my Cocker Spaniel would eat a whole one if allowed. They challenge his chomping ability for the longest time of all the chews he has tried and he devours every scrap. Great value and loved by my dog - what more could you ask for!
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If you want to keep hyperactive border collies quiet for several hours on a wet winter's day these chews are just the thing. Kept the great dane busy for longer than usual too :)
13/07/14 | Sara
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Peace and quiet for hours!

My two Airedales just love, love, love these. For three euro each, they are very good value for money. I'm sure with all the chewing, they're good for the teeth also. The only snack they'll leave these for is the green beef tripe, but that's always gone in two seconds flat!
14/11/13 | Mrs Nerina Clarkson
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2 X german shepherds and one border collie. Wow ordered the extra long ones and they are approx 3ft long. Our dogs are heavy chewers took them 4 1/2 hours to get through them!! yes they do smell and a bit of air fresh or a candle does help. Very pleased with them
30/04/13 | Rachel Green
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These are very long, as promised. My Weimaraner took a good couple of hours to get through one.they are a bit smelly, but worth it for the enjoyment they bring!
06/09/12 | Anne
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longest lasting chew ever

I have 3 cocker spaniels and they love their food These chews are a perfect complement which keep them busy for ages and ages. Its economical and excellent value and they love them to bits. Good for teeth and great entertainment - see for yourself, you won't be disapponited and neither will you faithful friend.
03/05/11 | Nicola
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long lasting chew

bought these without really thinking as when they arrived, they were huge, had to saw them into 3's. Both my cockers love these, they are a bit smelly, but it keeps them busy for at least half an hour!!