11/12/17 | Maureen Quinn
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The best value and tastiest dog treat you can buy!

My 8 year old GSD bitch just loves this treat which comes in nice and not too large pieces. Every friend's dog I have a given a piece to looks totally delighted so I would definitely say, buy it while it is still available as it tends to sell very quickly!
14/02/17 | Barry H
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Highly recommended

Good value various sized pieces and always hits the spot with my show Cocker giving him something to get his teeth into but not too filling as a snack/treat. Maybe some folks can't smell it but it does have a distinct but not powerful aroma so (usually) eaten outdoors. Big fan of Rocco and regularly buy the jerky along with cow's ears etc. Quality is always excellent.
25/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Carlos and Cleo (a German Shepherd and an Apalation Rottweiler Mix) love this treat. Their stomachs handle it well and I can safely rely on them loving it every day. I guess I have less spoiled dogs than the other reviewers here (just kidding ;) ).
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only some dogs like it

I bought this for my dog as she normally goes nuts for jerky but she didn't seem that bothered. I gave it to my friend's dog though and he loved it. I guess it's a bit of aqcuired taste. ;)
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very good

Doesn't smell, they love eating it and it's really healthy. The offer is price is good too.
12/04/13 | originally published in zooplus.de
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goes down well

Perfect as a little snack between meals. Older dogs also have quite a bit longer to chew. Either way, it's all good.
04/10/10 | Jacqui, Staffordshire
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Our gangs favourite treat

We have 4 JRT's and they all absolutely love beef jerky it is definitely their favourite treat. The 5000g pack is superb value for money.
26/07/10 | sue
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will buy again!

Fussy JRT who get tummy trouble with most treats - she is ok with these and they do not smell like most 'innards' chews.

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