05/17/13 | Tootsiepops


My little dogs could'nt get enough of these. Next best thing to raw. Low in fat so even tubby dogs enjoy them..

05/17/13 | Rosie

poochies verdict is yummy

Bought the to try based on the reviews. My little dogs can't get enough of them. The necks make a lot of crumbs but my little dogs Hoover up every crumb. Next best thing to raw..and their low in fat so good for tubby dogs too..I shall be stocking up on these.

09/09/12 | MJR

Dogs love them

Dogs really enjoy them, and so much nicer than plastic chews or rawhide. Would love to see more Dibo products on here -- I have looked on their website and they do horse chews and all kinds of things!

09/06/12 | Judy

A great product; healthy, tasty, and nice and crunchy!

My greyhound loves these turkey necks. They're wonderfully crunchy, and all dogs love to crunch things, don't they? Nice size for a large dog as a really tasty treat - and surprisingly, they don't leave much flaky mess ... or maybe my dog just cleans up well because he can't bear to miss even the smallest crumb?