02/08/22 | Marek


Keep your dog away from this bone, diarrhea guaranteed and you end up cleaning all after. Not worth it.
07/10/16 | Alison

My Westie loves them

I ordered one as a trial and my Westie really enjoyed it so i have just ordered the saver pack.
02/05/16 | Red

Depends what you want from them, and your dog

These treats are fairly big (we ordered the medium) and very hard - they also smell really good! Our Border Collie x Springer had one, and he ate the whole thing in less than two minutes. It didn't seem like he was swallowing large chunks, it seemed to crunch easily, but it didn't last long. Our Border Terrier gnawed one for less than 10 mins (then got bored) and barely scratched the surface! He got the same milk bone later in the day and ate it all in about another 20 minutes. 6/10
08/10/15 | Suzanne

Good value for money

My 18mth Cavachon (4kg) has had these small ones from 6mths and she spins in circles when I get one out the cupboard. It keeps her quiet for ages but always finishes never leaves any for later. With the deal on them I think they are good value for money and all good ingredients so does not make dogs hyper like some dentastix

My dogs love these

I have a few dogs, some of them go crazy for them and the more fussy eaters couldn't be bothered with them. They don't last as long as I had hoped 10-30 minutes, depending on the dog, but they like them, so I'm very happy. Will be getting more again.
05/14/15 | Lesley Mead

Spot and Charlie approve!

Got a couple of these for my Boxer and my Staffie X to try for the first time today. They loved them and it was good to see that their enjoyment lasted a good 20 minutes rather than the '3 bites and it's gone' result of giving the other dental treats we've tried. We'll be having these again I think! Two very satisfied treat testers here.


Yummy!! My 2 love these, especially my little 5 month old cockapoo she bounces for joy when one of these comes out the cupboard! Really recommend, nice and hard so wear down fairly slowly another favourite.
06/02/12 | Lauren

My puppy loves these!

Well these were a massive hit with my 10 week old puppy, she just chews and chews til there's nothing left. Lasted a good hour or two. :)
02/20/12 | Andrea

Our dog loves this bone

Our dog loves these bones, but the only drawback is that they are eaten within minutes
02/17/12 | Jessica


As soon as he sees these bones in my hands, my Dalmatian cross goes totally CRAZY!


Absolutely love this Milk Bone..It is quite tough but once I get my teeth stuck in, I'm in doggy heaven! At least my Mummy thinks I am.. She almost wouldn't mind a bit herself as she can't stop smelling them but I won't let her! Oh, and she also likes to mention that the only minor negative is the wrapping..individually wrapped they each come with one of those moist/humid absorbing packs which are toxic so please don't accidentally give us those!

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