05/07/21 | Hannah

Great for large breeds

I have 3 german shepherd girls and these chews are fantastic for them! They take them around an hour to get through them and will do whatever tricks are asked to get them .. usually just one a week though as they do tend to get quite thirsty afterwards. Great for stormy days when it's too bad for walk!

Recommend for dog with grain allergies

Great chew for my Dane who has allergies. It lasts about 20 minutes and she likes a good nap afterward!
01/11/19 | Reubysmum


Finally found a chew that lasts but is safe for my dog and not full of nasty chemicals. I still obviously keep an eye on him as bits do occasionally get stuck, but he soon clears them. They last days and he loved them, and they clean his teeth - perfect!
11/21/18 | Margaret

Didnt last more than 4 minutes with my labrador

These look great inside the packet and the smell certainly grabbed the interest of my 7 yr old labrador. Each chew appears to be wrapped inside something that looks like streaky bacon but not sure what it really was and this outer layer falls into lots of small pieces as soon as its handled by me. So the dog never got an intact chew. Wouldn't buy it again as lasted a very short time.
11/20/18 | ReubensMum


Spent years hunting for a safe gluten-free longlasting chew that isn’t too hard for greyhound teeth & isn’t rawhide. Tried so many different brands - one led to serious dental injury - so such a relief to find these! Reuben was badly abused in his former life so is a funny soul. He’s decided this is his comfort & is very protective of his latest chew. Obviously, we’re sensible: we don’t leave him alone with them & replace it when it gets small. But it’s the safest I’ve found & lasts days!
11/12/18 | Kathryn Hanks

Fantastic dog chews!

The dogs just love these. These are seriously BIG chews. They last them ages and are very, very well received by the dogs! I really recommend these to keep your dogs happy and occupied!
09/09/18 | KlS

Paws Up !

highly recommended - we rarely recommend the use of hide products as dog treats but this one is a truly a very digestible one .Can't say which is even better the the premium brand " no-hide usa " or this one. both are safe for dogs of colitis that is what we can share about .
05/03/15 | Kati

Great Grain free chew!

After finding my young collie has a grain allergy I relaised so many dog treats have cereals in and I don't like rawhide so when I found these I was delighted and he loves them! I often get several packs at once and the smaller ones for my elderly dog who finds the long ones a bit too much chewing. My young collie loves these though.
06/11/14 | Steph


My Springer loves the small version of this but can demolish one in less than a minute. These chews are about 30cm long and took her 40 mins to eat, I will definitely be buying more to keep her busy.
09/06/12 | Emma Greenhalgh


These kept my German Sheppherd Cross busy for hours, she loves them, we will be buying these again really soon.

Excellent, long lasting

My Sheltie won't touch plain rawhide but absolutely loves these. I bought the duck and he enjoys stripping off the duck on the outside first and then continues to chew all of the rawhide too. Each chew is 30cm long and a whole chew lasts him around 1 1/2 hours.
02/24/11 | Charlotte

Good allround

Given to 3 Weimaraners: the 2 younger dogs loved them and got through them quite quickly - about 20 minutes. The older dog was half interested and got through about half of it in the same time. Clearly a little more appealling than regular hide but becomes less so once they chew all the meat off. Expect they'd be perfect for slightly lighter chewers.

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