05/02/18 | Pyxxel
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Great for small breeds

We've tried both the snails and the strips with our Jack Russel mix. He preferred the strips and we re-ordered a few times. He finishes them pretty fast, even though his jaws are not the strongest. He can struggle with tougher (rawhide- based) treats and would give up on them, but these are a clear winner.
26/05/16 | Irene
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My gods favourite treats

My two dogs absolutely devour this sticks and ask for more. They won't eat any kind of treats. I can't impress them with pedigree brand , but this one.... In fact most treats from Cookies brand they love.
31/10/12 | Dee
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Brings out the inner tiger!

My 5 month old kitten loves to chew - on my knuckles mainly - so I thought the pollock and chicken fillet sticks would be a better alternative. When I first openened them I was a little worried they would be too hard for her and in fact she sniffed and licked a bit and that was it. Then I softened one a little with boiled water and she went nuts for it! Now she just pounces on them as they come and she's happy to chomp and 'hunt' them at her leisure.
31/08/11 | Anne-Marie Toseland
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Very popular cat treat

I give my 2 cats one of these between them. They both come running in when they hear the packet rustling. They take their time chewing these tasty treats. The Pollock Strips with Chicken Fillet seem to be easier for the cats to chew. They like me to break up the Pollock-Chicken Fillet Snails before they get stuck in.
22/02/11 | victoria sullivan
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My 4 small dogs loved these treats, even my chihuahua who struggles to eat some treats loved them.
29/12/10 | Wendy Cook
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Fish & Chicken chews

These chews are excellent for dogs who need hypo- allergenic treats (as well as those who don't!). The dogs love them and know what's coming as soon as I open the packet. My Jack Russell puppy will do absolutely ANYTHING for one of these!