12/08/21 | Corina
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Peace and Quiet!!

These are great. The dogs loved them (2 cavachons aged 2) kept them occupied and busy for ages. They loved chomping away trying to break through them and get so excited when I take them out of the bag. Very reasonable price for the amount of chews in the bag
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Happy dogs!

The dogs really enjoy these chews, being big dogs these treats last a decent amount of time and help care for their joints and teeth.
15/11/17 | Pei
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Dog's favourite - and it's healthy too!

Green lipped mussels are great for dog bones and joints, and finding a chew my dog likes that already has it included makes it an easy treat to buy and to serve without any prep. The title is slightly misleading and you aren't buying green lipped mussel chews. They are beef scalp chews coated in green lipped mussel extract or similar, so this chew will not be suitable for dogs with beef allergy.
24/12/16 | Sally
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good hard chews for dogs with healthy teeth and gums

My dogs love them, but then my dogs have strong jaws. Not going to do the job for a chihuahua or toothless oldie, but if your dog can manage a decent bone they'll love these. The consistency of REALLY hard pork crackling is the closest I can come to describing them, about 10 - 12 in a pkt, each about 5" long.
12/06/16 | Tatyana
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My dogs love them!

My dogs love them and always take them outside with them so the others would not take their chew. They last long time and keep my dogs busy and happy.
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Well enjoyed here

A welcome new addition to your treat range, have just ordered more, my dog enjoyed them, he can be fussy, a lot in the pack for the price.