02/17/17 | Gordon Thomas

great treat

Great product. Great value. At midday our Goldie sits by the storage bucket and refuses to move until he has his cows ear..Neither he nor us would be without them. No mess or smell from them.
05/02/16 | Linda Reed

Lily gives it 5*

She always has one when we have our breakfast and starts running around with excitement. Lily would recommend them to her friends
03/30/16 | Shannon

Good price

I have several dogs and tried these instead of pic eras, because they are cheaper. My dogs are a bit disappointed and don't like them so much, compare to pig ears, but I mix them now to save money. They last longer then many other chews,

The Best

These are the best chews I have found in my search. My Goldie loves them and enjoys a nice long chew at them. Clean to handle they can be used in the house as they are not messy when chewed. Thoroughly recommended .
10/05/15 | Teg's Dad

Excellent buy!

I bought a bag of these on a whim for my dogs since they seem to go through the rawhide strips so quickly. When I held the ears in my hand I had their rapt attention. Each dog gently took an ear and then moved away to chew in peace. Not only did they love them, chewing seemed to relax them because they then settled down for the evening!

These are great!

Our dog loves these, they are incredible value when you buy in bulk like this.
06/10/15 | Lynne reed

no mess

They make a nice size treat for my 18 month Dobermann. She has them when she has been good and there is never any left hanging around for days. There are no marks left on the carpet like some treats. Highly recommend.
07/15/14 | TINA GOACHER

Dogs wont eat theses

my four dogs used to like the smoked ears but since they`ve had the beef scalp they now wont eat theses
03/31/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

fun chew treat

My little one loves these cow ears.
03/30/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

my dogs love it

Cow ears go down well. So far neither of my dogs have experienced any digestive issues or vomiting.

Rocco cow ears

These cow ears are an absolute must for my dog Anton in the evening after his dinner.
10/31/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

it's been a few years

We give our German Shepherd Rocco smoked ears every day and they seem to really help her. I also buy them regularly for our cousin's 2 hounds. Very healthy and I don't ever notice a nasty odour. 10 out of 10. ♡♥♡

great product

My german shepherd loves these but they only last a minute or two. Great for a quick snack/reward.
04/11/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

super tasty ears

Goes down well and is healthy.
09/06/12 | Dean Warden

The Perfect Product for Primitive Pooch to Pummel

My Pretty Labradoodle puppy has prickling teeth and will chew her way through all my prized possession's. She loves these dried cows ears and can sit chewing them for a good hour. they are pleasantly pudgy and are more popularly priced then pigs ears, they are also not as pungent or fatty which helps my perfect pooch with her promiscuous potbelly paunch. She loves to bite, chomp, crunch, feast upon, gnaw, munch, and scruntch them! and for the price they are profoundly praised and prized.

Dried Cow's Ears

My two German Shepherds adore these ears. They are much better for them than pig's ears as GSD's have sensitive stomachs. Pig's ears are too greasy. Excellent for their teeth & extremely good value for money. They are very happy with them.
02/20/11 | sarah noyes

Great long lasting chew

I was getting pigs ears for my labradinger for a while, as he is going through his 'chewing everthing' stage of life. After seeing these were a lot cheaper and also lower in fat I thought I would see if he liked them. I have to say he loves them just as much, they last a lot lot longer, and they are all pretty much the same size (unlike the pigs which vary greatly). My vegetarian husband also prefers the look of the cows ears as they are just flat triangular chews, unlike the pigs ears which come in proper ear form, meaning he isn't as fond of finding them lying around the house! As they last longer, my dog often has the same one over a couple of days, and when he isn't chewing it he likes to carry it round or bring it to you as a gift. Cows ears definately have the thumbs up from me, and a waggy tail from my dog!
08/16/10 | LOLIE BORGARS


These are just the best. My Labradoodle just adores these ears. Now when any of his friends come to visit Star a Staffie, Etta a Lab & Fliss a Lab they just cant wait to chomp down on the ears. A very healthy chew that lasts a good 15 mins if doggie is in major chewy mode or all day when play & other distractions are on the agenda. Just a note of caution the smoked red colour does come off on furniture/carpet so best keep to wooden/tiled floors or gardens. A bit of a pain to get of the cream oriental rug.

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