24/04/20 | Gabrielle
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My huge cats love these.

My cats are the size of cocker spaniels (or a bit bigger), and I prefer to give them good natural treats. These were fantastic. They're easy to cut up into quarters and my boys wolf them down. I'll be keeping plenty in stock.
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My Staffie loves them!

As previous reviewers have said, these small sausages have a papery outer and a hard interior (which can be cut with scissors if you want smaller portions). Yes they look dry but my Staffie loves them & they seem to be digested easily. I use them for scent work.
23/09/13 | Maggie Allen
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My Border Collie has a food allergy problem and venison is one meat he can eat. He can't get enough of these venison snacks and he's almost opening the cupboard door by himself to get them out! thanks for a great product.