03/20/22 | Paula Moya

They last more than I expected

My german shepherd mix was enjoying this snack for a good time even if she has dinosaur jaws, i was expecting her to eat it in 2 minutes as usual but i was surprised!! A bit expensive for what it is, but it's a nice long lasting snack :)

Miserable - I feel bad for the animal these came from

Out of five in the packet, only one was a decent size. Out of the rest, one was a half slice of one, one was really shrivelled, and the other two were tiny - I have child hands and they're skinnier by far than my pinkie. Bought these for a power chewer bully breed, and they're gone in under a minute. He does love them, but they don't keep him busy.
09/10/18 | Amanda


These dried Pizzles are my dog's favourites. they keep him quiet for hours. The only problem is I go through them quickly!
08/29/17 | Vianna


Both my white shepherd and Irish terrier love them and they last for a longer time than most chews. Will definitely keep this on the 'to buy' list forever!
08/01/17 | Suzanne

My 1 year old

Charlie loves these so much he buries them under his bedding to chew on later, when he is chewing on them his there for ages, good for his teeth too. They do smell a little but the pleasure I get from watching my dog enjoy them is priceless. I would highly recommend them but first buy the 5 packet to see if your dog likes them. I personally always buy the 25 packet.
04/09/17 | Rob

Excellent dogs favourite treat

A perfect natural treat for any dog. Great for their teeth and these and are not as smelly as the ears or hooves. Buy buy buy I say.
02/27/17 | Linda Meehan Ashton


My 9 year old German Shepherd loves these. She loves them more than her toys & she is the most toy motivated dog ever. Will definitely be buying more.
09/14/16 | Katie

Pug pup adores them

My pug mix pup has been on raw, natural foods since she was 9 weeks old, so naturally I also wanted her to eat healthier, more natural treats. She LOVES these pizzle sticks and will happily hunker down on the couch with one anchored beneath her paws. She's not a voracious chewer so just 1 stick will last her a couple of weeks... and even then she can never finish them - not that I'm complaining! Amazing value, low smell and happy pup - definitely buying again!

Puppy in 7th heaven!

My 15 week old pup had his first pizzle today, he's been gnawing at it for hours already, and is only half way through it. The expression of pure bliss on his little face is priceless! These will be a regular purchase.
06/12/16 | Carl


We just gave our 4 month old beagle his first one and he's been going at it for half a hour now, will be the perfect snack before heading to work in the morning to keep him busy and it's excellent for his teething as well.
05/09/16 | Mimi1230

Shame - size varies too much even though good

My medium sized dog used to love this - until the third pack. The first two were just perfect for him and I thought I had found our dream treat to keep him occupied for a long time! But those from the third order were too big and my dog was frustrated as he couldn't tackle it. I bought three packs and was left with most of them untouched. Although I stopped buying this I would still give a four star as it should be an issue for large dogs. I didn't mind the smell as long as he could eat it.
03/30/16 | Shannon

Favorite chews

My dogs love them, this are the favorite snacks- tooth cleaners of my dogs.


5 stars from my dog, 2 stars from me. So smelly I can't let her chew one in her crate or the whole kitchen stinks. On the upside they are a great treat if she has to be left out in the garden for a bit.

My dogs' favourite!

My dogs love Pizzle and always go mad when the pack comes out. Quite a long lasting chew compared to others if you get a big bit. Only downside is the price. It's quite expensive for what it is, so they don't get one every day. Wish there were more bigger pieces in the pack too. But otherwise Pizzle is favourite in our house.

Fab natural product

These are great for smaller dogs - they keep them busy for a good while and I'm happy knowing that the treats are natural.
04/23/15 | Maddie Toyne

Dogs think they are fab.

The dogs love these. The only complaint is that they aren't overly thick, but I do have large dogs, so they don't last too long. But for the price I haven't found better anywhere else.
10/23/14 | Antoinette walker


My German shepherd chops through treats without thinking twice since using these pizzles he takes a good 20 mins to eat it

Tasty treat

Since discovering these dried pizzles I now can have a half an hour of uninterrupted gardening. I just give my cockapoo a pizzle and he goes off to his favourite place in the garden and I don't hear a peep out of him. He gets so excited when I go to his "treat" drawer, he almost does back flips. Thanks Zooplus for a supplying a great treat.
07/15/14 | Sarah

Doggy heaven!

Was searching for ages for a chew that my cavapoo pup wouldn't get any ill effects from. She has been having these for a few months now and loves them..These are the only chews that haven't made her unwell..
07/06/14 | Allytoli

Best chew ever for my Jack Russells

One of my Jacks gets through most other chews in seconds. A pizzle however lasts him around 20 minutes! Bliss is written all over his faces as he chews away on one. My JRT x Cocker also loves to chew a pizzle. She has smaller teeth/jaw but that doesn't stop her enjoying one of these as much as her 'brother'.

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