08/20/16 | P. Franklin

Lukullus dog bones

My chocolate Labrador absolutely loves the chicken flavour bones. He can spend a good 45 minutes on one of these bones at anytime. I will definitely be purchasing other flavours for him to try.👍🏻
12/02/15 | Hilary

Both puppies love these

just ordering my second lot. Both my puppies love these and they are small enough to be regular treats and distraction chews.
08/18/15 | Lynn Helbert

Great little bones

My boy Freddie,a ten year old black lab, just loves these little bones, he'll tear off the meaty surround and then will take the rest to his den, where he'll proceed to chew,and chew and chew!! Such a good buy, I'll definitely purchase again
05/12/15 | Lotus

the only chew!

This is the only chew Clover will eat! It's taken us over three years and a lot of money to find something he'll chew. He's not fussy with food, but was never a big chewer so his teeth were in a bad state, even with regular brushing (which he hates! ) Got this as a free gift once, and as soon as he devoured one, I went online and ordered loads! So glad he enjoys chewing now, and all thanks to you!
05/03/15 | lauren bevan

Great for little dogs

I have fussy eaters, which is odd as they eat any bit of crap they can find. They love these, they don't last too long, I use them as a treat when we have finished grooming or a long training session. I do use other quick to eat treats while training, then one of these to finish. They are not going to last for ages, good for small dogs. I will order more.
07/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

My two giants love all Lukullus foods!

Finally a chew that my sheepdog and Leonberger can actually chew, without it getting shredded into little pieces after two seconds. I've been trying out all the different Lukullus chews for about half a year and feed them the treats once or twice a day. Their gums look great and their teeth are beautifully white!
06/08/14 | Sharon


Bought this doggy treat for my little lad who is very fussy about treats. They have gone down a storm. He strips the duck off first then attacks the rawhide
12/07/13 | originally published in zooplus.fr

My terrier loves them

Great product, my terrier dog 8kg loves these treats. I gave her the 10cm ones. She starts by eating all the dried meat and around the bone, and eventually moves on to the rawhide part, which takes her a bit longer to chew. The treats don't smell bad like some natural chews.


my Loulou can't live without these treats!

Too Small To Chew

Thought these would be perfect for 12 week old puppy as 10cm size keeps my adult Great Dane occupied for at least 20 minutes.Didn't realise from photo just how much smaller & thinner these are.
03/17/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very popular

My Pyrenean Mountain Dog has been very picky recently about her treats. She loves these lamb sandwich bones though. She finishes them off in no time, so I'm going to try getting the larger size next time :)
02/20/13 | kapil.supekar@itcube.net



Lukullus bones

These are an absolute doggy favourite! They are fairly small so therefore a little pricey but throughly enjoyed so make a brilliant treat!
02/07/12 | Em

Substantial chews

My labrador loves these chews, they are big and chunky with plenty of meat sandwiched in them. The rawhide looks like good quality and keeps her busy for ages.

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