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Dogs Love Them

Okay they are small but the dogs love them. Cooked and Dried Chicken feet or Sprats, dogs drop the feet and eat the Sprats every time.
30/12/18 | Anthony Doull
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They are cheap.

When I first started buying these they were really good, I’d get nine bags at a time, enough for a couple of months with free delivery. But the size of the sprats has fallen markedly, to about 1/4 the size they once were. It would seem the manufacture is not giving them time to grow. I will not buy them again.
29/07/18 | Ninele Fedoranica
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Love fish

Absolutely great product
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My dog absolutely loves these, they stink but that's to be expected, the smell doesn't linger as we have bag clips and she eats the whole fish straight away. Great value for money as the bag is huge and you get plenty in them, they're a decent size too so I only give her 4 or 5 a day. Will definitely be buying again.
17/05/18 | WalkTheDog
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Dogs favourite

These are my dogs favourite training reward. Brilliant because they’re low fat. I still only use them in moderation but I’ve noticed her attention span increases when these are the reward! Good value for money. I’d like more information on the packet about where the sprats are fished and manufactured though
22/02/18 | Kathleen
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Great Treat

Thought I would try these as my dog loves fish.Very impressed when I received them,they are whole fish not broken up.My Staffie goes mad as soon as I bring them out.Good quality product,will be buying again.
18/01/18 | Lynne Adams
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Excellent Value

Excellent value and quality whole fish,good size sprats,healthy treats,great for skin & coats. The dogs love them, and excellent service & fast delivery from Zooplus as usual . :)
11/11/17 | Andrew
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Excellent suppliment

Really good product.. bigger & more complete fish than another brand I tried. A really good addition to their feeding schedule. A whole-food packed with essential oils? - yes please! My Cockapoo eats them willingly, despite usually turning down fresh & tinned fish. Big win
27/10/17 | Wendy J
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I started my dogs on fresh sprats and it made them vomit, however these dried ones don`t. Perfect treat especially as my dogs have a raw diet. No carbs for them in my home. The 5 dogs have never looked better
04/06/17 | Jennifer Chadney
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Great product

The dogs and cats love these. Less messy than preparing them myself . They are smelly and oily so best suited to treating at home or adding to their dinner.
02/06/17 | Susan Cooper
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Great low fat treat

My dogs love these.
07/05/17 | Lynne
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One of my dogs loves them, very oily and smelly but I guess that is what attracts the dogs. Easy to break up for training, have just ordered more.
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Brilliant snacks

With three dogs I need to find healthy snacks - and these fit the bill. The dogs love them and there are so many in a bag, which means I can be generous when handing them out - great value for money. Will now be a regular order.
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Chihuahua sized treat!!

I have 2 Chihuahuas who absolutely love these treats and 6 cats that won't touch them!! The Chihuahuas get very excited when the bag comes out they are very smelly but that doesn't deter them. These are just the right size for them to munch on and i am over the moon it is just 100% dried fish.
10/03/17 | Jennie
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Wow, Dylan LOVES these!

These grabbed Dylan's attention as soon as they came into the house. Even before I'd opened the bag, there he was, doing a perfect sit, drooling! Our rather stubborn St Bernard will do anything for these. Yes, they are smelly, I have to put them in a plastic bag in my pocket, but they are fab training treats, good for his delicate stomach. This is a BIG bag of fishes, and the fish are an ideal size too. We'll be buying these again for definite!
20/02/17 | Mastiff Sally
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Best dried fishes I've found

My dogs love these. They smell strongly enough that I take them on walks and bury them in leaf piles/wood chippings etc and the dogs go mad hunting them out. Better than the other brand they sell on ZooPlus, which made the dogs very thirsty & are very dry, all broken & tiny. These are on average between 1 1/2" to 3". Made the mistake of buying the others on here, but will be returning to this brand when others run out.
09/02/17 | Lisa Watkins
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On every order

Our dogs are fed raw food but even though we bought them slow feed bowls they still wolf their food down. Mixing these dried sprats in means that they actually stop & chew as they go along. Definitely the first thing on the re order list everytime!
06/02/17 | Anna Ling
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Our dogs are addicted!

Our dogs are addicted to these. Two of our pack are only able to eat fish and so it really restricts what treats and chews they can have. These are one of the only extras they can have. They absolutely love them! They are such good value too. Far cheaper than other stores.
05/02/17 | chris
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am training and lab and she absolutely loves these healthy and delicious sprats
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Couldnt believe my eyes

Sandie our spaniel X terrier is the most fussy, picky dog that I know, we have tried all other training treats from sausauge, chicken, bolied liver the list is endless and she was not interested. 'Trixie dried sprats' on the other hand she tracked down this gentlemen to get them, I had to put her on the lead to get her to leave him alone, she couldn't get enough!! That's when he told me about Zooplus. Wish we found out sooner A*