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Dog loves them

My Springer loves them and is very obedient and eager to please when she sees the pack! My daughter however refuses to enter the kitchen when they are in sight because of the "dead fishy eyes and smell" !! So if you want an obedient dog and a peaceful, albeit a bit smelly, kitchen, buy these!!
19/12/18 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska
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my dog like the taste

my dog real like this product, will buy again, there is many treats in the packet so great value for many,
10/08/18 | Kerli
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My Maine Coon girl absolutely loves these. She makes me throw them for her and once she's done playing fetch she just devours it!
06/06/18 | eddie
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

To small

Tho the dogs did like treat had to give approx 3/4 as 1 treat , because they were far too small for my dogs ,
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Fab Treat!

Weimaraner enjoys these. I didn't think he would at first as he's not really a fish fan. I think the smell of fish puts him off but once he got accustomed to these he absolutely loved them. Great for rewards or stuffing into kong toys.
09/05/17 | PatB
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My cat loves these!

I actually bought this thinking it was for cats but I think it's made for dogs. Don't let that put you off if you're looking for cat snacks. My cat loves these and they are really good. Dried chicken wrapped around a whole little dried fish. Very chewy which is good for him and pure protein. I highly recommend this product.
16/07/16 | Roo
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EXcellent pure meat product that All our animals love. With the added extra of being a fantastic way to shift tartar on cats dogs and ferrets teeth!
01/11/15 | G Muckell
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pleasure for dogs

i have four dogs two, Pomeranian, japanese spitz and a border collie, all of the dogs who are fussy what they eat, will do anything for these could not get enough of them
20/12/14 | Janet
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Happy Cat

I thought I would try these with my cat after reading the reviews. Instant hit! I did have to cut them up for her but she was very impressed.
13/05/14 | Rachael
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Dogs will do anything for these!

This is my ultimate treat to get the chihuahua or Pomeranian to do a trick or obey me. They love these things.It occupies them for a good 3-5 minutes. I like that it is such a natural and simple treat, and that they will do most things to get one.
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Loved by ferrets also!!

My chihuahua (aged 6) has lived with me for 4 weeks and was previously fed a 'supermarket diet' so it is a disapointment if not a shock that he will not touch the Chicken and Fish Treats. HOWEVER, they were a huge hit with my three ferrets...a healthy,guilt free complimentary treat for a raw diet. The treats are of a small size which varies but there is a number in the bag (70g) The boys play tug of war over the treats so i have to be carefull to hand out one each.
19/10/13 | Malcolm
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Cats love these too!

My cat Missy loves these snacks. They are all natural which is why I buy them. Good value too.
12/10/13 | Trish Baker
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Paws up from the Pugs

Brought these treats for the first time and what a surprise I got. My 2 pugs loved them,the Boxer I am fostering loved them and a very fussy Bearded Collie who will always sniff treats,let them drop to floor and then get them, took it straight from my hand, ate it and looked for another one. So a complete success all round
17/05/13 | Geraldine
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Won't touch them

Neither of my cats will eat these. I'll give them to my dog owning friend and see if they like them but I won't get them again (not expensive though so worth trying)
03/03/13 | Stephen Marsh
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Healthy treat!

My GSD loves these and they don't smell or feel greasy so you can carry them in your pocket without a bag. It's amazing how fast my dog can do a 'sit' or 'down' when he knows he's got one of these coming!
05/10/12 | Soozy
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Actually keeps my cat safe at night..!

My 3 year old cat Molly is a real outdoor cat and only comes in for her meals. However since she realised that she gets locked in at night after eating her dinner, she wouldn't even come in for that! But now I put one of these Chew Snacks on the floor just inside back door when I want her in and she runs to eat it and I can shut the door for the night. She loves them so much it fools her every time!
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They disappear in no time.

These are somewhat smaller in real life than is suggested by the photos, but there are plenty of them in the pack, so they're great value. Completely natural product and much cheaper than the fish skins I've been buying for my dog in Pets at Home, which are among the few treats available in shops that have no sinister "animal derivatives" in them. My two year-old Sprollie loves them.
09/09/12 | jean.wraxall
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gimmie more

my 2 dogs absolutely love these treats its their favorite cant get enough of them
06/09/12 | Maggie Allen
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Dokas chicken with fish, excellent dog snack

My dog and my friend's dog can't get enough of this snack. We buy other products from your site but this is definitely their favourite. We only give our dogs the best products and you have so many good items. Buster and Ellie say please keep selling these chew snacks!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Tempting product

My Cockerpoo has digestion problems. We use this product as a treat for him. They are totally suitable, one of the few foods that don't cause him a problem.