20/10/20 | Hilda Gannon
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Puzzle End Pieces

My first purchased was terrific. Nice sized end pieces and a competitive price. My dogs loved them. My most recent purchase was a disaster! There were bits of tripe in the package and most of the end pieces were barely even the size of my thumbnail, so I'd say they were end cuts off end cuts. My dogs wouldn't eat them, and I bought two packets!
10/12/16 | Claire McJoyce
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Not great for large breeds

My two love pizzles and can spend ages chewing the normal size ones, however as they are both greedy pigs (large labradoodles) they devoured these in less than a minute! No chewing and we had the pleasure of meeting the ends again through the night when their tummies decided they couldn't digest it properly! I'll give the remaining ends to a friend who has smaller dogs and buy the large again for mine.
22/03/16 | Inna
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

The best treat ever

This is my favorite treat I add to all of my orders. The best priced pizzle ever found. And I like the packaging as well. Although packs differs in size of peaces, for me it's OK since I have both small dog (min.schnauzer) & large (Canaan). Also this is the best treats when we have litter of puppies - they like it a lot and it takes them time to chew.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Best treats for small dogs

All natural and good treats to satisfy our dogs' urge to chew.
23/10/14 | Antoinette walker
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This pizzles are great for all sizes of dogs and can be great for teething puppies as they take a while to chew through a little smelly but you get use to it
09/06/14 | Howard
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favourite treat

My dog, a staffordshire Bull Terrier really enjoys these. They are very easy to feed being small pieces but they last him a couple of minutes, unlike soft treats which are lucky to last a second! They are also odourless and not greasy, great when I want to pop to pop a couple in my pocket for a treat while we are out on our walk, he has to keep his strength up!
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Both my dogs love these

Bought 1kg for my cockerjack and miniature poodle who is picky with food, they both love them preferring them to the larger pizzle sticks, bag seems to last for ages still got a few left after buying 2 months ago. Well worth a try for the price
31/05/12 | Viv
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A Bit Smelly But My Dogs Love Them

A bit smelly but my dogs love them.