29/07/23 | Anthony
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Piggy nose

My lab gets very excited when I ask him "do you want a piggy nose"? Toss up between these and furry rabbit ears which is his favorite
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My three love them

We have 3 dogs all different breeds and sizes and they are a big hit. I haven’t had any issues with some being significantly smaller than others. Great product and great price.
18/04/18 | Mrs Keen
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My dog loves these

After a minute or two of sniffing one of these, my dog woolfed it down. They are one of her favourite treats along with the chicken feet.
22/03/16 | Inna
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Great Product!

My dogs are keen on them! And I like that they don't leave any mess on the sofa/carpets. Also they are less smelly than other treats. Definitely will buy more as soon as they finish these 50.
10/07/15 | seb
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My spaniel loves these and would devour the whole bag if allowed to. They're a great treat for that 'job well-done' reward and not too messy or smelly.
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Good for my dog who is on a lower fat diet, they are better than the greasy, smelly normal type. He enjoys them. Will be back for more. Good value.
03/05/15 | sebQuest
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Crumbly but nice

They're like snout-shaped rice crackers for dogs. My Cocker Spaniel sniffed the first one with his usual suspicion then launched into it. He crunched away for several minutes with huge enjoyment, however it did leave crumbly bits sticking to his day bed so best feed them on a hard floor so the remains can be easily swept up.
10/06/13 | Rebecca
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4/5 dogs love them

I have 5 small dogs and 4/5 love them but my other one (she is quite picky) doesn't like them whatsoever. They are excellent for a small dog mouth and also my two eldest have lost a couple of front teeth each and they find these easy to chew etc. The one that doesn't like them only eats a limited amount of things we have to choose wisely for her.