15/12/18 | Lauren Bevan
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Very good product

Excellent product. Doesn't smell bad. My four Chihuahuas love them. My dogs spend a very long time munching on these pig ears. They take so long for them to eat these ears that there is no resource guarding from them. Each dog has their own bed, each dog sits on their bed and then they are given a pig ear. I would buy these again
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Love them!

2 of my small dogs love these. my pup runs into her crate for hers. They are small so would only give them to small dogs, as they eat them quick, big dogs might swallow the smallest ones I wish I could click on all types rather than pork etc, as id have missed these and wonder what im missing that they would like
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Too greasy!

My dogs like these but they are very greasy, which I don’t like. I almost feel I need to keep them in the fridge. I bought a large pack but am going to I’ve the majority of them away.
15/08/18 | J W
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Dog love them, But..

They are not a chew, i thought they may last a little while but they are gone in a moment or two, and they then want another! 3 Of my dogs are litte dogs, and its still gone in a short time, and the collie uses them like dog choccies more or less. I will buy them again as they like them so much, but they give one of my dogs a upset tummy if he has more than one, as they are greasy and rich.
24/09/17 | Malcolm Bates
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Greyt treat

My greyhounds love these and one of the few treats that take more than a few seconds to devour..:)
19/07/17 | Dave Lankshear
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Greyhound loves 'em

My rescue greyhound thought he'd died and gone to heaven when he crunched his first auricle. But he soon returned to the living and came to scrounge another! He could happily live on these and pigs' ears but being a big dog with a long, well equipped mouth, they don't last long. Sadly, he doesn't savour them but puts in a supreme effort to get on the outside of these treats as quickly as canine-ly possible. Beware of giving seconds as that immediately becomes the norm.
02/06/17 | Rob Haynes
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My dogs love them.

My dogs love them, and so does my wallet, the last 5kg bag lasted about 5 months with 2 dogs having one each most days, which doesn't seem too bad at all. This 2nd bag is a 5* product, but I've had to knock 1 off as the 1st bag was maybe 10% snouts and not ears so consistency could be an issue. These things stink before you even open the bag, so before you buy, you might want to consider getting an airtight container (I use a 30ltr one which is only slightly larger than needed).
20/01/16 | Chloe
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My terrier cross loves these, and there is plenty of crunch to keep her occupied. The smell isnt great for a human but not anywhere near as bad or as potent as dried tripe / pizzles.
30/08/15 | Fran Kent
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Dogs' delight

These are the preferred treats of both my current pair of Spanish rescue Pointers and of my previous Beagle and English Pointer.(also any visiting dogs)They last just long enough for the dogs to feel that they have eaten something really tasty. Warning : it is important to keep the container bag firmly sealed, as the smell is less appealing to humans! They also enjoy the puffed pigs' snouts
25/08/15 | Angie
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My German Wirehaired Pointers love these. These snacks are crunchier than pigs ears and are smaller so my dogs can have one each day.
19/05/15 | hungy
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my golden retriever loves this ones. it is the best treats for him. worth try it.
22/03/15 | judy lustedJudith Lusted
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my dogs cant get enough of them

great product excellent for teeth not too smelly and eaten fairly quickly avoiding fights My dogs love them
27/07/13 | iris
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Onzi's favourite treat

These are AMAZING value. In supermarkets you pay around £3 for 4 pigs ears. You get a huge amount in a kilo and my dog loves them. So does his best mate Dave. Everytime we go across to see him Dave looks for his treat as well.
24/01/13 | Brian Mackie
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GSP loves them

My GSP eats these in very little time. But she loves them. You get a big bag for your money. Fantastic value compared to whole pigs ears.
10/09/12 | Charlotte
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Perfect treat for my two!

Whilst my Great Dane may see these away very quickly, he loves them, they are a great treat for him and I can tell for him they are tasty! My young Weimeraner loves them too. Ideal chewing treat, good price and I can order lots of them. I store them in a sealed bag as they can be smelly but for my boys I don't mind!
06/09/12 | Turner
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Brilliant quality and value

My Springers love these - you can set your watch each evening as they wait for them to be given out as a treat!
06/09/12 | Kamila
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Pigs ears

My two german shepherds love it! I will buy it again!
06/09/12 | Jo Ward
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With 7 dogs...

...in the house we certainly know how to road test a treat. And boy, do these treats ever go down well! As a lunchtime snack everyone runs for their beds (or sofas) and munches as fast as they can in the hope that they will get another! Excellent value for money, good entertainment and the fat and oils seem to do their coats good too.
22/06/11 | Mick
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Perfect Treat

Similar to a previous reviewer, our 2 Staffs also go through a5kg sack each month (Strangely our 2 Staffs also have the James Wellbeloved 60% Meat Trays) Pig Ear Auricles usually come in a good size assortment, however the last batch we received were tiny little things (less than 1" across)and absolutly stunk - spoke to the customer support who have sent a replacemnt sack with no hassle whatsoever - brilliant customer service, at their request I have provided photo evidence for them to investigate further Brilliant product (usually)
05/03/11 | Mick
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Staffy Heaven

My 2 Staffs go through a 5kg sack each month, they wolf their standard (James Wellbeloved 60% Meat trays)food down and then sit by the cupboard waiting for their treat. These are better than whole ears as they break up and dont choke the dogs - highly recommended