02/10/22 | T.I


My pom loves it, he always wants more. It’s convenient to give him directly from the tube.

06/01/21 | Sophia


My French Bulldog puppy is OBSESSED with this paste. He is getting eye drops at the moment and it has been a real struggle until we tried it with this paste..... He absolutely loves it. Fantastic to put onto a lickimat as well and keep him busy licking it off. Will definitely buy again

12/14/18 | Iseult

High value reward

I use this sausage when I'm training a behaviour that' needs a really solid response, like recall, because the dogs love it so much and it's such a high value reward. Also helpful for giving medication to a very fussy dog.

12/04/17 | Vera

Loved by the dogs and useful to disguise tablets

I use these for training and general reward as the dogs love it. They are also useful to smother tsblets/capsules in so the dogs don't mind d taking them.

07/27/17 | Y Thomas


I've only used it for training in the past and they'd do anything for it so when I got some "palatable" (ha ha) antibiotics that my lab wouldn't take I tried hiding them in this. I used the meat version hid the medication in them and made it into a ball. Went straight down no problem. Giving unpalatable tablets is so easy using this. Haven't tried hiding the Drontal in it so far but as my dogs are XL will be trying it when it's due as they really dislike them.


Tasty Treat!

This is a great treat to take out and about on walks and for training as it is less fiddly than handing dog biscuits. Weimaraner goes crazy for this. It's also great to use as stuffing in Kongs/hollow bones. I've had no problems with the tube. When it's nearly empty I'll cut the end off and scrape out the inside so it doesn't go to waste. Highly recommended A++++++++

03/06/17 | Yvonne (North Yorkshire)

Dogs love it but beware

I bought this as a treat for obdience traning and it worked amazingly. However when I kept it in the fridge it was really hard to squeeze the pate out so I kept it at the very back of the worktops. The pups love it lot and had jumped on the worktops and got it down and ate it tube and all. Just left the silver threaded top. £1000 vets bills followed. Why can't they use plastic tubes, much easier to squeeze and stop fat oozing out and not as dangerous. It's kept hidden in a high cupboard now

09/28/16 | Iona

Great stuff

My pup absolutely LOVES it! I use it for potty training, it's clean and easy to carry in the pocket.

05/10/16 | Michelle Andrew

My dogs love it!

Really convenient useful product for rewarding or putting in toys. My dogs go mad for it. I just wish it came in a plastic tube as the metal splits and then it oozes out.


Excellent for travel too

we have a fussy Bichon who does not eat kibble by itself, and I find that smearing Tubidog around his dish before putting in the kibble makes the entire meal go easily. It is clean and easy to transport though the thread on the cap is not easy to align. Unfortunately I cannot buy it from Zooplus because I do not agree to their using my data.


Love this, so does my Staffie!

Our elderly Staffie is on supplements (Glycoflex) and medication (Metacam) , neither of which taste nice , apparently. Mixed with a generous squeeze of this product and no problem. And so easy and clean to use. Love it!


Highly Recommended

Great for training, all our dogs love this! High quality product at a great price, overall 5*

09/06/12 | Margaret Hudson

Happy owner with 5 happy dogs

using the liver sausage straight from the tube is a quick yummy way to praise youe dog and for agility there is no chance of the dog choking on a biscuit which often happens.


salmon pate in a tube

easy to carry about and clean, my boys and some of their doggy friends turned their noses up at first as they wernt keen on the smell but as soon as they tasted it they loved it


my boys love it!

I brought this product as my boxers went crazy at training after having a taste of someone eles! i was having recall problems while out on a walk with my 2 1/2 year old, now i just need to wave it in the air and call him and his straight back to me. i found this product here on zoo plus after looking for the arden grange version. i compared to the arden grange and its nearly the same product apart from a brand name and cheaper.

03/16/12 | Charlie

Money saver

Have been using to make long lasting but uninteresting chews like rawhide more appealing to our lab pup. A little squeeze into a crease in a hide chew makes them go from sat on the carpet and ignored to chewed for hours. Saves buying the more expensive chews and stops pup from chewing the furniture. Excellent!

01/29/12 | Jen

The Superduper treat

This is an easy to carry, extremely high value treat. It is so good my lurcher ate it tube and all - my fault for leaving it in a bag on a shelf instead of under lock and key. The dog was unharmed. The sight of the tube will distract the dog from any mischief I have yet come across. The only downside is that I find it difficult to get the top back on: the screw thread doesn't line up easily.

08/25/11 | Leanne UK

Great training product when out and about.

I bought this to use when taking the dog out into fields to help with recall training. Biscuits just arnt good enough and take too long to eat for my whippet and moist treats can make pockets really disgusting after a time. This product is great as you can recall your dog, take the lid off this and just squeeze some out for the dog to take directly from the tube. No messy hands or messy pockets.

03/26/11 | Claire

Pill hiding wonder!

My poor CKC Spaniel brothers are both taking pills at the moment, but the allergy pills are huge. I would struggle to swallow them, and we were at our wits end because no matter what we tried the pills were spat out. Then I found Tubidog and havent looked back since. I am now at the stage where I say "pill time" and there is a race to the kitchen where they sit with tails wagging and mouths drooling. Just a tiny amount of Tubidog smeared on the pills then a tiny bit more as a chaser on my finger to ensure the pills are swallowed (they are so keen to get it all they swallow the pills to make room for the little bit on my finger) In total they have between one and two cm a day each so it lasts ages. I have also found it useful on the odd occasion where illness has meant loss of appetite - just a tiny bit on top or hidden down is enough to let the smell hit them and get the juices flowing. I wouldn't want to be without it now. I recommend having some in your cupboard in case your beloved pooch needs medicine or coaxing in the future.

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