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My French bulldog loves them

I ordered them for the first time. They are bigger than I expected, but it is okay. I just cut them in half. My frenchie loves them so, so much! He is patiently waiting for his snack, when I come home from Univeristy.
15/12/18 | Lauren Bevan
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My dogs loved these treats

I placed my order for two tubs of Caniland Soft Poultry Trainees treats. I opened the tub and Boots stuck his head in the tub, he loves them. The treats are small and soft, very quick to be eaten so a very good instance treat that you don't have to wait for the dog to finish eating if you are having a training session. I would buy these again
14/12/18 | Iseult
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Great soft treat

I love these treats for training. I can break them up into smaller pieces to make them last longer, and the dogs go wild for them. They come in great value tubs. Only downside is that sometimes the tubs get a little damaged in transport and the treats end up all over the bottom of the box.
07/09/16 | Heather
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I bought a tub of these treats at around Easter time, (think they may have been on offer) they arrived in a nice big plastic tub, they are a soft treat and can be filled into a ball and easily broken in half (my collie cross could easily eat a while one - or three at once- but I break them in half when we go to training classes to help make them last longer, also helps stop him from Putting on weight. Like I say earlier I bought my first tub at Easter and I'm just about out now, so they do last quite a while (even when your giving them all out at training classes). My dog goes mad for them and they smell very meaty. When I do go up to classes all the dogs turn their noses up at their own treats for some of these - and they have hotdogs and cheese! Great purchase and one very happy pupper