29/12/21 | Martin Bergmann
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Perfect for smaller dogs

These treats are always on my shopping list. Our 2 Jack Russells are usually fussy, but they love these whatever the flavour. The small size makes them ideal for smaller dogs, bigger ones we meet in the park usually swallow them whole and don't even notice the flavour! We sometimes break them into smaller bits to sprinkle over kibble, makes our fussy pooches wolf down their food no problem.
15/03/18 | Heather
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Amazing - dog loves them and not too big

My Alaskan Malamute is the fussier eater I have ever known but she loves these treats and I have taught her many tricks with them including shutting the door. This is really useful as dog constantly come in - in her case barge in - and never usually shut the door after them. It took a long time and a lot of treats so it was ideal that these are small so I wasn't over feeding her.
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These are perfect for my chorkie girls, just the right size. They love them and will do anything for them. They seem to be of good quality and ingredients and I can fit them in my back pocket so thumbs up!
02/12/16 | Ro and Viva
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The cheapest presentation of this treat

If you and your dog are not fuzzy about flavours, this is the cheapest presentation in terms of weight/cost ratio. I like these because they are tiny, ideal for training or to stuff the wobbler kong. My very fuzzy dog love them.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

bit small

got these as freebies on reward scheme, was expecting something larger, in danger of losing fingers when giving treats to our cockers.
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treat time

My dog Molly loves these treats she sits and waits every time we go for walk and I put my hand in my pocket she is slavering in anticipation..........
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Excellence in a healthy small package

I have found these treats to be invaluable for my 3 dogs, they all love them and yet they are small enough and healthy enough to give reassurance that your dog is not having poor quality in their treats. I can give them to other dogs also, even those that the owners will tell you ' he won't take treats, he never does', they don't refuse these. Such good quality, a small tasty treat keeps your dog always wanting to please.