excellent for GSD puppy

Got these for my 6 month old GSD puppy, he loves them! The rabbit ears only last a few minutes to be honest but the cows ears keep him busy for a while. I would happily buy this pack again as they're super value but I will most likely treat him to the cows ear pack next time.
04/11/18 | Diana Fleming

Not pretty but dog (and cats) ADORE

Fair play to whoever took the marketing picture of these things because it makes them look almost cute. They are not cute. They are terrifying big black hairy m******s that look as if they were severed from the Hades himself Fortunately, the dog doesn't share my aesthetic foibles, he considers them to be THE BEST TREAT EVER. So, for some reason, do my cats. They are much longer lasting than pigs ears (my basset eats those in under 10 minutes). Dog loves picking off the hair.
03/16/18 | Dawn walker

Rabbit ears

My 3 dogs love these now they wasn't sure to begin with. Will order more
03/08/18 | Mastiff Sal

Heaven on Earth for dogs.

I often given these to my dogs as bedtime snacks - like cleaning their teeth before bed. They last longer than other treats - which isn't to say they last long. Powerful jaws, healthy teeth and delicious treats don't make for a lengthy exercise. So they smell, if you love your dog enough you put up with it. I'm vegan and I'm prepared to.
03/02/18 | Linda

Don’t last long enough

Both my dogs enjoy these - the pack ones with various sizes, which is good, as it mans my bigger dog can have the bigger ear! Unfortunately, they don’t last very long - much prefer the beef scalp which does last.....

Great quality

My pup loved these and they're much healthier than the commercial chews. Will definitely purchase again.
01/12/18 | Bex

Not for the faint hearted!

They stink and I mean absolutely STINK!! The cow ones are like they’ve literally just been hacked off a cows head.. My dog was unsure at first but now is tucking into a cows ear. I read that fur is a brilliant natural wormer for dogs.. I give her tablets as well but I thought I would give these a go.. You get a generous amount for a starter pack! I was so surprised! Only downside: The smell once the bag is opened is overpowering! I have literally just lit a candle to try and rid of it..

Greyhound loves them!

My greyhound loves these! The cows ears take her ages to eat so are perfect to keep her distracted as i leave the house. She has PTSD and separation anxiety so these are perfect for helping with her training. They are very high value and take her a long time to eat. She's so excited to get her chew that she now actually gets excited when i put my coat! My lurcher is scared of the cows ears and confused by the rabbit ears but he's a scaredy odd ball, I suspect he'd love the fur free ears.
11/03/17 | Katy Carmichael

The perfect treat for my two

My dogs love these, and so does every visiting pooch! They last for ages so are perfect for those times when you have visitors and need to keep the dogs occupied or when you go to the pub after a walk.
10/11/17 | Lynn Lucas

Rabbit ears

I have just given a pair of these to my Lurcher for the first time.....she LOVED them and showed her enjoyment by several hot laps around the garden after. Will definitely be ordering more as a high value treat. Husband not so keen on the look of them, so a training treat to keep him in line too.

My dog loves them.

Got these free with my dogs food. I wasn't expecting them to be so hairy and my husband couldn't handle them but our dog loved them. Pigs ears only last about 5 minutes, if that, but the cows ear lasted ages.

Weirder my daughter out but dog loved them!

The cows ears are very large and our dog wasn't sure about them to start (I think the furriness was confusing) but now gets excited when he is given one. The rabbits ears are medium size, very fluffy and a favourite to hide in the garden. Not for the squeamish owner.

Ears are tasty with fur on, apparently!

I got these free with my dog's dry dog food and didn't expect her to enjoy them so much with all the fur on. She was a bit puzzled at first but they soon became a favourite treat

My dog loves these, I'm not keen on the smell...but he wins every time...

Like all favoured treats they smell horrid, but my dog absolutely loved them. Not sure which he prefers pizzle or these... and for those of you who have come across pizzle they smell too... this is a repeat purchase in larger quantity!


These ears are smelly but all of our dogs loved them will definitely buy again.
12/02/16 | Paula

Very smelly!

My Bull Terrier was a little unsure at first, don't think he could decide whether to eat it or play with it. Eventually he picked it up and then wouldn't leave it alone, he loved it, but had to be banished to the garden because these ears absolutely stink - you have been warned!
11/29/16 | Pipmeister

Super tasty natural chew!

My four Munsterlanders all love these chews, they are quite smellier than other ear chews which clearly adds extra appeal! I prefer to give them furry ear chews as it doesn't get any more natural. Fantastic product - Zooplus, please expand this range!!

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