07/24/18 | Cazzak

Semi moist chicken

Dogs love all flavours of the semi moist variety but ther definitely seems to be a problem with the chicken flavour not a lot of kibble but lots of crumbs where the kibble has all broken down


Picky puppy loves this but........

This is the first kibble that my puppy will eat with relish and lick the bowl. I do wonder however, if this is because of the addition of Sodium Chloride (salt) as an ingredient. Don't think this is good for him and may change to a different brand when current lot is finishing.


Dog gets very thirsty

This is the second Wolf Of Wilderness we have tried for our dog and he has enjoyed them both without being picky in any way. The venison kibbles seem to have a strange effect though: he is incredibly thirsty afterwards. When out on a long walk with him, he was literally stopping every few MINUTES to get another drink. Fine when the weather is wet and there are plenty of streams and puddles but this would be worrying in dry hot weather. We will stick with the other flavours in future!


Good but not for small dogs

My 2 small dogs love the taste but the older one struggles with these kibbles. They are huge and seem hard to chew. Would definitely buy small dog version of this but as it's not available won't be buying again.

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