It went to the rubbish bin

The taste of this food is so bad, not even the street dogs wanted to eat it, it went to the rubbish bin.

10/24/19 | Angela


I bought this product for an older dog understanding from the write up that it was soft / moist. This is not the case still hard and crunchy and not suitable. Also when opening the bag it had a strong chemical like smell which immediately hit you when you opened the bag. I bought the trail packs - 4 varieties. These will have to be thrown away as I will not feed my dog anything that has such a pungent chemical smell.. I cannot recommend anyone to buy this product - I would rec not to buy it.

12/04/18 | Mindy

Miseltoe is poisonous

This has miseltoe leaves, been shown to be poisonous to animals. Why would you use that ingredient???