04/13/18 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Effective and good value for money

Even though I don't want to admit it, my dog is getting older and her hind legs have been giving her trouble. Sitting was a bit painful, jumping (on the sofa or her bed) was also a problem. We were approaching two full weeks without the lift working (we live on the 10th floor) and it was exhausting for us, let alone for her. Well, this kibble has changed everything. No worries with stairs, sitting or jumping, and she is much fitter - we are DELIGHTED!
03/24/18 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Tried and tested

My 2 12-year-old dogs had articular problems related to their age. I have been using this kibble for 6 months now and there are visible improvements, they can jump onto my bed now which they haven't been able to do for some time. They have found beautiful vitality and mobility.

Bosco (Bearded collie)

It's been more than a year since we opted for this product. Bosco had begun suffering with osteoarthritis, and as early as 4 weeks after this change he had full regained movement. A relief for him...and for us.
01/10/18 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Very good product

I have been giving this to my 13+ year old Newfoundland for several months now. I used to give him the adult dog variant before the senior one was available, and that was good for him too. I really recommend it. A very good brand that I have been using for over three years now.

Articular Care

Super. Early 2017 my dog started having problems with getting up in the morning, moving backwards, sometimes difficulty walking - we thought it was due to age so I tried this kibble. I was skeptical but after 2 months he has regained his vitality and is running, jumping and playing again. He is 18 years old.
09/10/17 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My 11-year-old loves this. Very digestible and after 1 month of use his osteoarthritis is more bearable.
07/19/17 | Mrs France

Top food!!

My dog Siri had been in a Spanish shelter for 8 out of his 9 years, nobody wanted him, but he is such a lovely boy - being a shepherd cross he came with the usual hip problems, he has now been on this food for nine months and he is now living his puppyhood which he never got to have when he was younger! Full of life and very fit, without pain....I would thoroughly recommend Advance articular care for any dog that has arthritis!!!!
06/02/17 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My Mastiff developed osteoarthritis at just 4 years old. We tried Hill's with disappointing results, but since being on this kibble she has found all her joy for life again. No more scares and now she is the one exhausting us!
01/04/17 | originally published in zooplus.fr


With osteoarthritis at just 6 years old, my Pyrenees Mountain Dog was having difficulty with getting up, going to bed and even going for walks longer than 1/4 of an hour. After a month of this kibble there is a clear improvement. I will stick with it!

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