Our dog loves this

Our black lab loves this food and scoffs it very quickly. Enjoys it much more than Orijen/other similar quality foods (and better value too). Good for his tummy too. Would definitely recommend.

08/10/16 | Karen Bedford

Does what it says on the packet ,

This food has to be one of the best foods on the market ..I used to feed my brood on a raw diet ,but due to personal problems I had to switch my dogs onto kibble ,I am very passionate what goes into my dogs ..I have read many ingredients in some dried foods and they are scary and unnameable!!! If i can not pronounce a ingredient I would never give it to my brood .This food smells very meaty and not artificial like some others ..Give it a go your dog with thank you for it ...

05/19/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Top class ingredients

The ingredients are superb! All a dog could need. Unfortunately it didn't agree with my lab, he had diarrhoea. Shame there's nothing for pups.

04/05/16 | originally published in zooplus.es


I have given my dog almost every brand of dog food, and this is the only one he will eat without it being mixed with other food. I'd highly recommend it, although each dog is different.

03/16/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Lots of meat, no grains, no sugars

A food full of meat and without the things your dog could do without: colouring, sugar etc. The size of the kibble is optimal for my big Shepherd, and my little hunting dog also eats them. Great value for money and offers a really good alternative.

10/15/15 | Adele

Top quality food

I cannot recommend this food highly enough. My Golden Retriever suffered from sporadic seizures since she was six months old (she's now almost 9). The vet could not pinpoint why. After a lot of research, I decided three years ago to completely change her diet to Applaws & a small amount of fresh meat. She has not had another seizure since - I can only assume her previous food contained something artificial that did not agree with her. Both my dogs love this food & eat with gusto. I buy two 7.5kg bags at a time so save a little money, the quality of the food is well worth it. Zooplus have been excellent - I recently received a bag that had split in transit. They replaced this with no quibble. Excellent service from zooplus.


More suited for small dogs

I ordered this food for my GSP because of its outstanding nutrient profile and ingredients. But I think the kibble size is better suited to smaller dogs. For something called 'large breed' I would have expected bigger, hence 3 stars.

02/06/15 | Eleonora

Lots of problems

My dog has to eat gluten free and this is why I bought it.. but this stuff gave so many gastro problems and vomit and vomit of blood because is not hydrolized and not hypoallergenic !! Bad quality !! Never any more. I spent 160 euros at veterinary for it and many nights up

11/25/14 | Abigail

My dog hated this and I hated picking up after him

My dog was going off his previous dry kibble so I bought a 12.5kg bag Applaws chicken large breed as I read the reviews and it seems to have a 4 star rating. My dog didnt seem to like it at all. I had to mix bits of chicken or tuna with it just to get him eating. His poos are now loose and really really stinky. He doesnt seem himself either. quite restless. It got so bad that not even half way through the bag, I had to buy a bag of the old kibble. He devoured his first bowl of James Wellbeloved as soon as I put it down. Haven't seem him eat like that in a while.

09/20/14 | Paul Allen

Great Product!

My German Shepherd suffers with bad digestion. This food is the only one that truly agrees with him.

06/20/14 | Nick Claridge

Applaws Large breed

Really great food, I feed my eighteen month old Bullmastiff on this and have done for all but the food she was supplied with from the breeder and the first year or so on (large breed puppy). She has a lovely coat, loads of enegy.. for the breed and she has never had any issues ever with wind or her stools. She loves the food too but retains an excellent physique.

06/01/14 | Cheryl

Excellent food

Although my young Flat Coated Retriever will eat any food (goes with the breed!) not all of them agree with him. He now has a thick and glossy but very soft and silky coat. Itchiness, dandruff plus frequent and enormous (or slightly sloppy) poos are a thing of the past (thankfully). Can't recommend this food highly enough.

05/31/13 | Robert Taylor

best grain free food

i have tried every grain free food on the market , i feed my 2 american bulldogs this food and one of them has a sensitive stomach this one and taste of the wild are the only ones that give him solid poo , i go for this one as you know exactly what percentage meat you are giving your dog


Great food!

Have a 4 year old labrador/flatcoat that were overweight when we got her as a 3 year old. We changed to Applaws Dry Doog food, and she's now in perfect condition with a shiny coat. We did not put her on a diet, just followed the feeding instructions on the bag. She's not even hungry between meals (and you know how food orientated the breed can be)! She loves it, and we even use it as candy when we want to reward her. No adverse reactions when changing over from the old food, we used one week of adjustment before giving her 100% Applaws.