05/26/22 | Maxine

Dog doesn't like it

The product is ok but my dog doesn't seem to like it. She always leaves leftovers in her bowl and walks around looking for other food.
10/06/16 | Mark Holt

Top Dog Nosh

We have fed both our dogs this food since 2012 following a lot of research and we are extremely pleased with the quality and condition it keeps our dogs in. Dexter and Barney love it !!
06/09/14 | Melanie

Sasha's happy & healthy

My dog Sasha has been fed Bosch dry food since we had her as a puppy 5 years ago. She has come on leaps and bounds and grown into a beautiful lively havanese bitch. She can't wait for her meals and her teeth are pure white with no tartar build up. It was recommended to us by the hungarian breeder.
04/10/13 | carole Hasan

a last a food my GSD likes

My GSD girl is 18 months old and since she was small we found it impossible to find a dry food she really likes - she was on Orijen but she didnot really take to it so we decided to try Bosch and i am surprised because now she eats every bowl. We normally feed her twice a day Bosch mixed with boiled chicken and inbetween she gets raw chicken. Both with orijen and Bosch her coat is shiny and she looks very healthy our vet saying that she is in exellent condition. I had absoloutly no complaints about orijen fantastic food its just our dog prefers Bosch because she is so fussy she will probably end up going back to orijen though.
09/06/12 | LaineyTiffers

Bassets Bosched!

I looked long and hard at top quality dog food for my 2 Basset Hounds. This complete food ticked all the boxes and was sooooo much cheaper than most. The 2 sacks arrived fast and I've been using it for a week now. A non-smelly feed, the 'girls' love it AND my rather portly 6 year old is finally loosing some flabber!! Delighted that poos are firmer and also less smelly! I am thrilled to have found Bosch & will be back for more! Thank you ZooPlus......brilliant service as usual!
01/06/09 | wendy

Bosch Adult

Two Beardies really like this one!!! No problems at feeding time with this.
01/01/09 | Justyna

good stuff!

My Siberian Husky has been thriving on Bosch food. She does not eat much, as per her breed, but what she takes in is enough to keep her fit and healthy, with shinig coat and high spirit. My friends who are breeders of Siberians and Alaskan Malamutes also use only Bosch and their dogs are totally successful on shows and rallies.
12/27/06 | Mart


this food is fantastic for my dog, for his fur is the best I have ever found!

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