change to adult

always fed my bernese bosch maxi junior since weaning absolutely loves it no issues changed to bosch maxi adult wont touch it tried adding chicken juices gravy anything else available licks it all off and spits the kibble out back to junior till we find something else put average star as it may just be him!!!!!!
11/02/17 | Donna Mickleburgh

Healthy strong dogs

I found this dog food on zooplus when my two large 40kg ohs were puppies and have fed them Bosch food ever since. They love the kibble but prefer the large kibble pieces to the smaller type. They are a mixed hunting dog breed. They are healthy,never had any health issues, big strong with glossy fur and healthy skin. I highly recommend Bosch dog food especially the bulk buys as they are very reasonably priced.
12/18/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Extremely good food

I have 3 dogs and our labradors normally bolt their food down, as do my other 2 German Shepherd Podenco crosses. They eat really well no matter which Bosch food we give them, and they love it. My vet recommended this food 8 years ago and since then they've been eating Bosch, they always have smooth soft fur and I can't recommend it enough for the good it will do your dog. Good food obviously costs a bit more but it's worth it
12/10/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great large kibble

FINALLY! My dog Kira (Dobermann) used to bolt down his food like a thing possessed, which meant he was always coughing after eating. That is now history. It's now a joy to watch him eat. He also digests it well. Big thumbs up!
03/30/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Top food!

I feed this to my Saint Bernard and she eats it with real joy! Because she tends to wolf it down, the large kibble is ideal. We alternate between Bosch Maxi and Lamb & Rice - everything is great, particularly the price!

Bosch Maxi

Since switching to Bosch Maxi, my dog has looked better, has grown and has glossier fur. I will definitely be sticking with it.
11/18/15 | gill

maxi bosch

one very content and healthy giant schnauzer on bosch adult maxi after trying many other types of dog food
05/03/15 | Cks

Bosch dog food

my 2 dogs have Bosch dry food since they were puppies & love it. They're big strong healthy labs & the vets always comment on how healthy they are. the variety of the range is excellent. The bulk buy is really cost effective too.
12/17/13 | Jules

Excellent value for money

Two happy and very healthy GSD's and 1 very happy owner. I used the maxi puppy before moving on to this food. I can't recommend this brand of food enough. They enjoy every bite...clean bowls at every meal. People compliment me on my dog's shiny coats all the time. I put it down to this food and the other excellent value for money natural treats that I buy from Zooplus.

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