01/19/19 | Deb

My Dobbie loves this food

My 4 year ago dobermann as been on this food for about two years he lets me know when it is dinner time he loves that much he sits and wait until told to eat but he is salivating as he waits. He was initially on the other favour the chicken and banana but the chicken didn’t suit so change him to the duck and he’s been on it ever since with problems at all, beautiful shiny coat no problems with his stools happy Dog Happy Dog parent
07/31/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Really satisfied

We have a very fussy husky-mix who rejects food after a certain amount of time, meaning we have to change her food frequently. She has been eating this food for quite a while now and enjoy sit. I think the pleasant smell adds to this, as even our cats want the food. However, our dog is getting a little chubby so we're going to switch to Light food.

Digested well by allergy sufferers!

Unfortunately, my dog has allergic reactions to lots of foods. In the meantime we found a wet food that she would eat without problem and could digest well. However, it isn't possible to take canned food in a rucksack for trekking through the mountains. I nervously tried this due to recommendations and - all is perfect and no reactions! I have already been through a bag of it and the dog goes wild for this food.
04/14/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Finally a good food!

After trying 6 different types of food, we have finally arrived here. We already know this food because of our cats, who love it and always rush for it! And now our little dog too! Finally a food that she goes mad for and also digests well. Other types have caused wind and diarrhoea, so we have loads of opened bags here. But oh well. The animal shelter will enjoy the food and we are just happy to have finally find the right food for our dog!
01/01/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Duck good, all good!

After countless attempts, I have finally found a dry food that my fussy Cocker will eat with enthusiasm! I have been feeding her Bosch Soft since June and she is always hungry for it, something that has never happened before. Stool is always completely fine and everything else is great too. I can only recommend this product!
07/28/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Favourite food

Our Golden Retriever has always been a bad eater. No matter what, the bowl only got touched when the hunger got too much. I got a sample in a pet shop and took it home - he immediately devoured it. Since then he wants nothing else and is waiting for his breakfast every morning, something that has never happened before. His coat is now gorgeous, almost as fluffy as when he was a puppy! He enjoys it and my wife is happy. I can only recommend it!

Very well digested!

My 1-year-old 11kg mongrel really agrees with this food! We have previously tried 2-3 different types and this has come out on top. With this food there are no more problems, because there is just potato and no grain. Smell is not bad if you don't sniff it too closely, but I wouldn't want to eat it ;-). Another bonus is that my dog chews this, even though he normally wolfs it down. With this he takes time and chews it. We can only recommend it!
07/07/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great food for allergy sufferers

This is the first dry food that my Collie happily eats, digests and enjoys
07/07/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Dog loves it

My miniature poodle (11) is mad for this food. Previously all foods have been shunned or not well digested. Even Platinum wasn't good enough for her. She loves Duck! It is digested without problem, has small, regular stool once a day, and it doesn't smell. There are no noises during digestion. Coat is beautifully soft with a nice shine. The food smells quite strong and is the perfect size for small dogs.
06/22/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Price/performance is good

No bad smell. All three of my dogs (2 relatively snaky Whippets) ate this food as though they hadn't eaten for weeks. From the first day the Whippets got on well with this food. Our new addition from abroad, who we buy "allergic food" for, initially still had soft stool, that is changing but is very sensitive. However, it is mostly firm and smaller amounts. We will buy again
05/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good choice for high quality and relatively affordable food

The somewhat larger chunks are no problem for my Lhassa Apso. She has digested the food well from the very start. I don't find that the food smells unpleasant.
05/01/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

We are satisfied and the dog loves it!

From the start we have had no problems with this food! It smells strongly but not overpowering or unpleasant! No diarrhoea, no flatulence! Buying different foods back and forth is a thing of the past! We are happy and the dog loves it. I can recommend it to bulldog owners that have had problems with wind.
08/08/15 | Agata

soft kibble: great idea!

I have to say I only bought a small bag and I use it as training treats but it definitely works! All my dogs, and others I work with, absolutely love it. Never met one that would refuse a kibble offered. The kibbles are quite big but break easily and they smell delicious, even to me. Small dogs have no problem eating it. Well worth trying!

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