Best 1 i have tried

My 2 year old boston terrier has a sensitive tummy and his stools have always been like diareah and have tried evrything including expensive food.this food is the only 1 that i have tried that has seemed to agree with his tummy and he enjoys it so i will be keeping him on it



Our Bernese is already 5 years old. Initially we tried so many types of food and he hasn't taken to any. Then I discovered Bosch Sensitive, since then he has had no problems with digestion!

05/19/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Proven for 12 years

Our gastro-sensitive Elo has been eating this food with small breaks for 12 years now. He is doing very well on it. No problems with the skin or with the stomach.

03/29/17 | santosh

Excellent Dog food

I have a sensitive Black Russian terrier who was on single protein Acana Lamb and Apple. When I could not buy it in zooplus (when stock run out), I have tried this food as the breeder recommended and she was fed this when she was a puppy. Her ears became clear and scratching is becoming less and now her coat is becoming denser and beautiful. Excellent quality and recommended for sensitive dogs.

02/22/17 | Vibeke midlander


Have to rate this 5 Star quality! It has Been 2 month more On this food and my dogs coat is now so Amazing and shines really bright! and he still havent had one sign of really bad skin ! Im very Happy and relived and what a good Price this food is! His stomac is Exelent and not much Comming out!


Also our saviour!

Our 15 month old Labrador cross has scratched all he fur around her eyes, ears and left side, until it is bloody. I really did not not what to do any more. They we found Bosch Sensitive. She rarely scratches (and if she does it is no longer so bad). We are impressed :)


Our saviour!!

After a long search, we finally found a great food for our Golden Retriever in Bosch Sensitive Lamb & Rice. Due to a widespread protein allergy, our dog can only eat lamb... Furthermore, he reacts to any kind of grain with strong itching and dull fur. Sensitive Lamb & Rice fights all allergies. We have been feeding him it for almost 5 years now and will continue to use it. Good value for money!

12/13/16 | Vibeke midlander


Exelent food😊.in my kennel i had to take one of my puppy buyers sheltie back home at 7 years ,Beeing negleted, he had a very bad skin and severe hairloss ! He had Been On severel hypoallergic diets ,but (cross my fingers) seems to do his skin and coat justice! He looks very beautyfull now,so really hope it last!! Only con is that he puts On a lot of weight so have to be very carefull.

11/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Bosch Sensitive Dry Food

This food is great, both of my Golden Retrievers have had no problems with switching foods. They love the food.

09/24/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Ideal food for dalmatians

We have 2 dalmatians and this food is ideal, absolutely recommendable for dogs with sensitive digestion.

09/20/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

An excellent food you can rely on

We have been feeding our Labrador with Bosch Sensitive for several years and have had the best experiences with it. Our bitch is healthy, has beautiful fur and is active. Problems with e.g. hair loss and digestive disturbances due to food, as we have noticed in friends' dogs, have never been experienced with ours. So, a food that we can only recommend.

08/27/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Unbelievably happy :)

Our little Lilif (French Bulldog) had to fight bad skin problems. We had tried so much but nothing helped. Since we have been feeding Bosch Sensitive, she hasn't been scratching any more, her patches are healed and no more bald spots. The only problem is...she farts at us! But we'll take that any day.

03/23/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very satisfied!

We tried this with our Cocker Spaniel bitch. She had been having diarrhoea after every meal, which made us think she had a wheat or corn allergies. With Bosch Sensitive her problems have disappeared in just 3 months. Can recommend this food!

02/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great food

I have been feeding Bosch Sensitive for a long time. It has been tolerated well by all of my dogs and happily eaten. No itching. Small amount of stool. Well priced. When I first fed it, stool was mushy for a while, but after a time this settled. It made no sense to me to try a food for only a few days and then change again, especially as my dogs quickly stopped scratching after switching.

04/26/13 | Camille

My problem is solved.

I have a sensitive skin. In the past I tried many different foods, but none worked to me. Since I started to take this Bosch Sensitive, I don't have any itchy skin. I am very happy with this. I really thank my father (owner) for finding this food for me.

09/06/12 | Silver Fox

Very effective.. :-)

My Dog, Camille has sensitive skin, but he has no problem at all since he started this. Very good. Thank you.

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