03/18/20 | Good product

Good product

Good product
01/20/19 | Lindsay

Excellent for firm poos

We tried all sorts of food and were almost going to give up and accept that our retired greyhound's poos were going to be more like Mr Whippy than the firm poo that is easy to pick up. This was one of the last few on my list and i couldn't believe it when his poos became firm so quickly. This is the food for us! I don't know if he has a sensitive stomach, it was trial & error for us. All I know is, he loves it and I love the outcome!
09/17/18 | Mark Riddoch


My dog Lucy just loves this product.

Excellent food, price, delivery.

I have been feeding my 9 year old Labrador on Burns food for most of her life with different flavours.... I can’t speak highly enough of it. It is excellent, she loves it, easily digested, (poo doesn’t have the bad smell tinned food does) Her coat is shiny and excellent condition. She is a good weight, not fat. I weigh her food each day, to maintain her weight. The food in the last 15kg bag from Zooplus was in perfect condition, not crushed and I expect this will be the same.
07/09/18 | debbie brown



Very Satisfied

Good products / Good delivery times by DPD. Overall very satisfied with this Zooplus delivery.

1 year old lab finally enjoys dinner time!

My lab has always had a sensitive tummy and we have tried all different food. We were put on another very expensive sensitive food by the vet that he did not enjoy at all, so I searched online for other sensitive foods and came across burns on Zooplus and all the reviews were so good I thought it was worth a try and I am thrilled! My dog is finally excited about meal times and his poops are perfectly normal and he is a very happy dog!!
10/23/17 | Peter Mason

A brilliant result!

We changed our dog from another well-known dry brand to Burns in an attempt to cure itchy skin and very unpleasant flatulence: well, a result on both counts. Daisy now doesn't scratch, and the smells have stopped completely, so thanks to Burns!
06/15/17 | Suzanne Churchill

great for sensisitve dogs

my dog is allergic to chicken, beef, lamb, cereals! she eats prescription hypoallergenic wet dog food but I worry about her teeth not getting enough crunch. she has totally ignored any other dried food I have tried. but she LOVES this, and it does not make her stomach or skin issues worse.
02/11/17 | Helen

Fantastic product

We have always fed our two year old border collie Burns. He started on the puppy variety and moved on to adult. This is the cheapest I have been able to find, and it gets delivered within a couple of days. Brilliant service from Zooplus.

My springer loves this!

My rescue springer Brodie is allergic to most foods. He comes out in a rash and gets an upset tummy with all the other foods I tried him on. After a few months of feeding him burns sensitive, his tummy filled in with hair and the redness faded. He gets so excited for his food now and wolf's it all down...then begs for more!
02/05/17 | Emma Curry

Excellent for my collie

I bought this after being recommend by a food specialist for my border collie. He has a sensitive tummy and I found a lot of other brands have him the runs. After a few days on burns he was no longer suffering loose stools. I have had him on this for ever a year now and I wouldn't give him anything else
02/05/17 | Tracy Gresty

Happy dog!

Our chocolate Labrador loves this food and thrives on it. We chose it as is is a natural product and had good reviews on the internet. We wouldn't buy anything else.
02/05/17 | Karen

great product and good value

Great for my dog with sensitive stomach - good to have options without chicken. She loves it and been eating same food for years - along with treats!
02/05/17 | Stately

Great food

Our collies have had this for the lat 6 years, and stayed fit and healthy on it.
06/12/16 | katie Westlund

Excellent for bad tummys!

I have a staffy rescue he is perfect in every way except the awful gas and very soft poops (all 6-7 a day!) The poor boy would suffer terribly as would all in the same room. We tried lots of things, some better then others but this food is a game changer. In two days ALL gas has stopped, 7 poos a day gas reduced to 2 small poops and they are perfect and firm and to top it off Alfie LOVES this food, really loves it, absolute brilliant!

Brilliant service and prices

This is the best site for pet food and products. Great customer service too
02/23/16 | Marian williamson

Deerhounds hunger problems

Brilliant food both of my deerhounds now have settled tummys. I feed the stated amounts daily but they still seem to be hungry .what is the answer ?
01/17/16 | Val J

Problem solved!

I had tummy problems with a new Boxer puppy 8 years ago, and tried every food to get his motions normal - even raw. Nothing worked, until I eventually found Burns Pork & Potato. It only took 3 days to get his motions normal again and he's been on it ever since, as are all my Boxers. They are fed twice per day, their motions are solid and they have no wind. I recommend this food to anyone who has a dog with a sensitive stomach - it really is excellent.
10/22/15 | Tracey

Burns Pork and Potato

we have a Rotty with a sensitive stomach this is the only dog food i've come across and i've tried a lot even the science diets that gives him normal poos wonderful product I feed nothing else now to my boys and boy does it make cleaning up after them easier

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