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Excellent food, price, delivery.

I have been feeding my 9 year old Labrador on Burns food for most of her life with different flavours.... I can’t speak highly enough of it. It is excellent, she loves it, easily digested, (poo doesn’t have the bad smell tinned food does) Her coat is shiny and excellent condition. She is a good weight, not fat. I weigh her food each day, to maintain her weight. The food in the last 15kg bag from Zooplus was in perfect condition, not crushed and I expect this will be the same.
12/07/18 | Beckyy
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Great for puggles & anal glands!

My 3 year old puggle struggled terrible with his anal glands and weight. tried JWB and he just seemed always hungry and going to the toilet all the time. i thought i would give burns a try. he has been on this 4 weeks now. no anal gland issues, and he is on his way to losing weight ! he wasnt fussed on the food when i first presented it, although i mix with some warm water to make the food moist and its all gone in minutes! highly recommend trying!!
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So far so (very) good

I switched from Royal Canin Sensitivity to this one as I don’t trust entirely what they put in the Royal Canin pellets. It worked so well from the very beginning! I was actually impressed as my dog - who is now 13.5 - has a very sensitive tummy. In less than a week he was on this food with no problem at all. I continue to add to it Profibre.
23/10/17 | Peter Mason
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A brilliant result!

We changed our dog from another well-known dry brand to Burns in an attempt to cure itchy skin and very unpleasant flatulence: well, a result on both counts. Daisy now doesn't scratch, and the smells have stopped completely, so thanks to Burns!
01/06/17 | Suzanne Winter
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Does what it says and more

My rescue dog was constantly hungry and came to me significantly overweight from a foster home. Since being on this Burns weight control she's dropped 3 kilos and her coat is like burnished gold! She's still a forager and on the look out for more food but not anywhere nearly as much as before.
15/05/17 | Hank.
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Very Impressed .

I used to feed my dog Bakers complete until a friend advised me not too. He has always struggled with his weight, so I decided to change his diet. Marvin, my 4 year old Jack Russell x has been on Burns weight control for only 2 months, and already gone down in weight from 13.4 kg to 12.2 kg .He loves this food (But to be fair , loves any food). He is a completely different dog, more energetic and very happy. I can't recommend this enough.
11/02/17 | Helen
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Fantastic product

We have always fed our two year old border collie Burns. He started on the puppy variety and moved on to adult. This is the cheapest I have been able to find, and it gets delivered within a couple of days. Brilliant service from Zooplus.
05/02/17 | Karen
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great product and good value

Great for my dog with sensitive stomach - good to have options without chicken. She loves it and been eating same food for years - along with treats!
05/02/17 | Stately
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Great food

Our collies have had this for the lat 6 years, and stayed fit and healthy on it.
05/02/17 | Tracy Gresty
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Happy dog!

Our chocolate Labrador loves this food and thrives on it. We chose it as is is a natural product and had good reviews on the internet. We wouldn't buy anything else.
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Brilliant service and prices

This is the best site for pet food and products. Great customer service too
29/07/15 | Kate Calley
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Berkeley, our collie/lab has lost 3 kilos!! Amazing! He's now happy, healthy and a lot sleeker thanks to Burns Weight Control chicken and oats. We've struggled with his weight most of his adult life and finally decided to try this food several months ago and the result is fantastic. He enjoys it and is happy and in good condition for his age (coming up to 12). Our little Jack Russell also has it and in fact she actually turns her nose up at anything else. So grateful thanks to Burns!
16/07/15 | Andy Ryan
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Excellent product

I feed my leonberger bitch on this. Her coat is in fantastic condition. She loves it & jumps about when she knows its feeding time. Because its high quality you feed less so it lasts a lot longer
22/05/15 | Diane Craig
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Fantastic Food for Two Greedy Little Dogs

I originally started my two little Cavalier spaniels on the basic Burns chicken and brown rice which they loved but unfortunately like most cavaliers they're prone to put on weight especially when they've been neutered, so I changed to the Burns chicken and oats weight control and it's made such a difference, they are now in great shape and have so much energy, which is obviously great for there health.
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Bess likes this food

always happy always content always has a shiny coat! Bess likes this food and we like the price!
03/05/15 | Paul Reid
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Daisy the Doodle

Loves this food. She would prefer moist food of course but she has a very sensitive stomach, and has and does suffer from bad colitis. During dry food periods this is what she gets and she really seems to enjoy it.
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10 years and loves it

My plump little lab went on this when she was 2 as per vet recommendation. She has been on it for 10 years now. Lovely coat, great teeth and plenty of energy. Wouldn't buy anything else. Great product and zooplus delivers fast and free with a great price.
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Excellent food

I have 2 labradors and like all labs they are greedy and tend to put on weight. The 9 year old also doesn't run around much - prefers to mooch. With this food I can give him slightly more so he feels full but doesn't put on weight. Very good price.
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This burns food is great my dog has been on it since been a puppy. Her coat is in a fantastic off it .
07/01/15 | Sandra Willis
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Archie can run now!

We rescued Archie two years ago. He was around 10 years old, Jack Russell Corgi cross. He had so much fat on him that the vet could not feel his internal organs! He weighed 14.5kg. Now, thanks to Burns Weight Control, Archie is a slim 9.5kg who can bounce about and run like a puppy. He isn't 2 years older but about five years younger and as a dog who enjoys his food, he can eat a proper Burns meal without gaining weight. It is so easy to adjust his intake with Burns. Many thanks.