02/10/22 | T.I

Very good

We just changed our 6 months pom food with this one, without an adaptation period, and are very pleased because it didn’t upset his stomach, his 💩 is fine. Also, he likes the food because it’s usually gone really fast.
04/18/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Loved it

Bought this to try as id seen it advertised on zooplus I’ve 7 chihuahuas that are quite picky about what they will eat. All 7 literally cleared their bowls in minutes, they loved it, no tummy upsets after which is always a worry when trying new food. Will definitely be buying this brand again
11/04/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Mini Junior Concept for Life

Perfect, Our Jack Russel puppy loved this food from the first bowl and always finishes his portion.
11/03/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Mini Junior Concept for Life

Our puppy took to this food straight away and it really agrees with him.
08/18/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Concept for Life Mini Juniorra

I made the switch to Concept for Life because I was looking for a food that is similar to the Royal Canin Puppy but more economical. My 4-month-old dwarf poodle immediately liked it and ate every last piece I put in front of him, he visibly enjoyed it :) The pieces are quite tiny, smaller than the previous food mentioned above, about 7-8mm big and triangular in shape. It has a typical food smell. Overall, the value for money and seeing that my puppy enjoys it, I would recommend it to smaller puppies because of the size of the pieces :) for Mini Junior


This is a great kibble, lots of nutrients and a great price. My woody is fairly fussy but has eaten all of this food about 90% of the time, I would recommend it.
12/13/18 | peter farrow

concept for life trial

gave this a try as price looked good and content sounded as if premium. my Germen Shepherd seemed to enjoy it, I'm ordering a large bag now , so far so good
01/29/18 | Pamela Johns

Too rich

Started my labrador on this last week with high hopes but, unfortunately, her flatulence came back and I have had to go back to her other food. It looks as though her digestion couldn't cope with it so, sorry, won't be buying again.
01/13/18 | Alison

Great food

I mixed this with my dogs original food so I could introduce it slowly. Both dogs picked out the large chunks from their bowls and eat those first. Both of them loved it.
04/06/17 | Yvonne (North Yorkshire)


I had my 13 year old cat on the cat version and the change in her was amazing, lively, playful. slimmed down to 5.5kgs and thick glossy coat. So I put my two lab pups on the junior and my older lab on the lab retriever. Everybody comments on what fine dogs they are, including the vets, good bone structure,glossy coats and very healthy. Less poos in garden (and cat litter) and all 4 love it and lick their bowls clean. I keep some aside and use as training treats and it makes training much easier
08/17/16 | Emma Osborne

Concept for life Senior

I have placed my elderly dog (7) on this food as i wanted a highly quality food for him in his senior years. He eats it very quickly and has never refused a meal. I have also noticed that because I am feeding him significantly less, his poo is a lot smaller and less smelly. His coat has become very glossy. I am very happy with this product and can't recommend it highly enough, I will be keeping him on this food.
08/17/16 | Emma Osborne

Concept for life Large Junior

I bought this food for my 8 week old Labrador as i wanted high quality food for him to grow and develop properly on, I have not been disappointed. He has taken to it with ease it smells very nice and even better when warmed slightly. His Poo is small and unsmelly and he is always looking for his next meal. I will be switching him onto Labrador Adult when he is old enough. I cannot rate this food Highly enough
05/19/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Mini Junior

My Yorkies LOVE it - it's really well accepted. I am definitely going to reorder this food.
05/19/16 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Mini Junior

My Yorkies LOVE it - it's really well accepted. I am definitely going to reorder this food.
05/13/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

good food

My dog ate all his food up and his poo is small and firm. Very good - reordering this food now.

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