01/09/18 | Mr Leslie Dennis

Eukanuba large breed adult chicken

I have fed our newfoundland bitch on eukanuba twice aday from 8 weeks old and she loves it everybody comments on how beautiful she looks and has a beautiful soft coat would recommend this food.
08/02/17 | Jeff

4 happy shichons

.my four shichon dogs love this food all are very healthy...good muscle mass ...this is the only biscuit they really love...mixed with lilly.s kitchen wet fòod

A happy pouch

Our Japanese spitz/Lab Retriever/GSD has been fed Eukanuba since he was a puppy and has always enjoyed it. We often get comments on how lovely and shiny his coat is which I believe is because of Eukanuba

Bulldog Loves this!

My Bullsog absolutely loves this food! Great prices too, much cheaper than in the local shops. Would recommend to everyone and anyone. Doesn't make him poorly and it doesn't make a mess!
05/13/16 | originally published in zooplus.es

Very good food

My dog started growing more hair and losing less. For the moment, he has not put on any more weight.
09/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr


High quality kibble which my dog eats every day with no complaints at all. He has a lovely coat now and his weight has stabilised.
08/20/15 | Diane Bell


I was delighted to find this website, not only a great price, but even better, more bargains to be had by joining the super saver club. I was kept informed every step of the way regarding my order - which arrived very quickly. The service was excellent and the deliver guys - lovely. I also got a free gift for being a new customer..well done Zooplus!
06/07/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Super kibble

I have finally found some kibble which isn't overpowering like RoyalCanin and ProPlan but still delivers plenty of energy. My dog has developed finely, with a magnificent fur and a great bill of health. Big thank you to Eukanuba
05/04/15 | Lucie Soczowka

Best on the market

No need to say more, really good food, glad, I have found food for all my labs what suit all their needs.
05/03/15 | jacqueline woods

3 chears for eukanuba.

My whippet who has always been fed on eukanuba visited the vets for her routine health check and annual vaccinations, only to be told that my dog was 2 kg overweight, so I purchased eukanuba medium breed weight control, but I thought my dog wouldn't eat it as my dogs a fussy eater, but she ate ever bit and hopefully when she goes back to the vets she'll have lost weight.
05/03/15 | James Carroll


Brilliant dog food for my two labradors and even better getting it from zooplus who provide points and a superb delivery service no issues at the moment .
10/01/14 | Leon Gordon

Great product for my american bulldog

this brand is been bought in bulk from zooplus because it has all the nutrients it needs for my American bulldog she weighs a healthy 46kg and is healthy and active always
01/07/14 | Mrs adamson

Glossy soft coat

We have had our Labrador retriever on eukanubu since we got him at 12 weeks old, feeding him twice a day. He has the most glossy and soft coat, and the vets say he is really healthy, not only is dry dog food the cheapest way to feed your dog, but this dog food has essential vitamins that your dog needs, in my opinion. Very good value for money.
06/25/13 | originally published in zooplus.es


My Cocker Spaniel loves it and helps to keep the extra pounds at bay (which he really can't afford)!
06/15/11 | Miss Kim Cattanach

Eukanuba Large Breed Lamb and Rice

I have a 12yr old Chocolate Labrador,an 18 month old Golden Labrador(only had him 6 months) and an 8yr old jack Russel.My Old Lab has been fed Eukanuba lamb and rice from a puppy as his breeder reccomended it.I'm very proud of him as he is a perfect weight of about 30kilos and is a very fit dog which never fails to amaze his vet. I would reccomend Eukanuba to anyone who owns a Labrador especially Lamb and Rice as they tend to have sensitive stomaches. I have been feeding my young Lab on it since I got him in December last year, he was very podgy when I got him but now he has fantastic muscle tone and people in the village comment on how fit he looks. My Jack Russel has the small to medium breed lamb and rice, but then Terriers are fussy eaters and will only eat when they are hungry, but she is also perfect weight and very fit.So I think this is the best food you can feed a dog. All you need to do is compare the ingredients in Eukanuba with other dried food, it does what it says on the bag, Trust Me!
03/15/11 | Kpail


Good One
12/30/10 | Ms Anna Walker

Lifelong use of Eukanuba

I have been breeding dogs for quite a number of years. I used to breed Yorkshire Terriers; I weaned the pups onto the puppy Eukanuba and NEVER got any loose stools and they were infrequent too! I am now breeding Cockerpoos and Cockers and I have a litter of Cockerpoos due; they will be weaned onto Puppy Eukanuba soaked in the milk substitute at 3-4 weeks. I wouldn't dream of giving them the best start in life and that is Eukanuba!
01/07/10 | Lenka

Great diet food!

I needed something light for my ah...bigger dog...and I think it's working! Of course it's not overnight, but I finally seeing changes. I think I'm converted!
11/18/09 | Lenka

Great diet food!

I needed something light for my ah...bigger dog...and I think it's working! Of course it's not overnight, but I finally seeing changes. I think I'm converted!

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