12/01/21 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Our go to food

This food is perfect for my Border Collie who has a tendency to put on weight, and he had developed a slight limp and this has worked wonders.
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My dogs don't like it at all

I changed to this food on the advice of my vet, and it has been a disaster. After the transition was complete, my dogs (a Labrador and Bulldog) stopped eating it all of a sudden ! My Labrador will eat almost anything, so I concluded that this food must have a very particular taste. It's a shame, I've been left with a huge bag of food and I have to switch to a different brand, it would have been good to have been able to try before you buy.
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04/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Unexpectedly rejected

Something or other in this food made my dog reject this food. Even though she has an anxiety disorder that normally makes her eat everything in sight, she went a day and a half without eating rather than eating this, which she completely rejected. I had to give it away.
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14/12/18 | Geraldine Bird
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Product ok but price gone through the roof.
30/06/18 | Lynda Colbeck
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My dog is loosing his colour

Please help although this product is good for my Labrador s joint problems He has lost his shiny black coat and is turning silver all over. He is only 2years old. Any one else had this problem????
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Great Product

My vet recommended this food for my little Cavalier King Charles who loves her food and was overweight. Since having this food she still loves her food but has lost all the excess weight, and is back to her lively happy self.
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Great product

Have my lab on. This food over a year now , definitely has made a huge difference to her weight management
24/07/17 | Una Kavanagh
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Dry Food

Hi all, I started my Labrador Sarge who is 8yrs old and 10kg over weight. He is now 4 weeks on this food and has lost 3kg already. So I would definitely recommend this food for over weight dogs.
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Good stuff

My rather large labrador loves this food. It is helping her to loose weight as well as helping her joints
18/10/16 | Nancy Fleming
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Moving freely

Thanks for making this available on your website! My 9 year old lab feels the benifits within a couple of weeks. Her appetite is satisfied and the Glucosimine returns the bounce to her joints
07/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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It's great that I can finally order this kibble at zooplus. My labrador went from 42 down to 36 kg without even exercising too much!
27/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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super food

Good to see that I can finally order this food at zooplus. It really helps my beagle, she has been eating it for half a year now and really appreciates it. Her joints are cutting back but ever since she started eating this food she doesn't even need any more painkillers. She only gets this food and luposan joint tablets. I can really recommend it to anyone who has a dog with joint problems.

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