James Wellbeloved lamb and rice

Exellent for my borderterriers, wellbalanced in protein! But I need to track my order and my telephone number is not accepted in the contact form . Please help me! My order number is231149172, my customer number is 33959829. Have I failed to give the correct information about payment? Several days have passed since I placed my order and payment has not yet been drawn from my account.

09/07/18 | Al


High-quality food - helped my Lab to stay active, playful and healthy.

05/29/18 | Martin Leake


Great product, easy ordering, couldn't be better.

05/11/18 | Ray


Changed over from a more expensive vet recommended brand, my dog enjoys eating this much more and always has a good appetite for it, he used to loose his appetite on his old food, his poo is firmer which is handy ;-) cant complain, brilliant offer of an extra 3kg for free also.. happy days


Great for puggles & anal glands!

My puggle suffered with anal gland issues, mainly due to his weight and cheap food. After using James Wellbeloved for 7-8 weeks, his stools have hardened up and reducing the need to empty his glands! He has also dropped to a healthy weight. I mix with Butchers Loaf (as hes fussy) I was going to switch to Burns, but seeing the results of this food i have ordered another bag !


Shiny Lurchers!

Decided to try JWB after using a considerably more experience kibble with my two lurchers. My dogs are very active and do dog sports so a good diet is essential. The extra fill bags of JWB are amazing value and my dogs are shiny, happy and healthy with plenty of energy. Picking up after them is easy as their toilet is firm. Overall I’m very pleased with this food.

03/17/18 | Mrs.Maria Vittoria Cavina Saporetti

Wellbeloved turkey and rice

Thank You for this product that 's perfect for all the dogs of us, small and delicate. We take care of 1 west highland 14 years old; 2 shi tzu 12 years old and 1 shih tzu 2 years old. All of them feel better with Your "turkey and rice" than with every else product eat before.

12/22/17 | Lou Armstrong

James Wellbeloved Adult

My dogs thrive well no matter what the flavour..... I will never order from Amazon again.

11/23/17 | Angela Casserly

Angela Casserly

My dog loves it, his coat is shinier than ever and he has lots of energy.

04/03/17 | sue

cured his sensitive tummy

my labrador has an unfortunately sensitive stomach but he has never had any problem with the james welbeloved (that is, unless he supplements his meals with the odd sock or strawberry gateau!). it is also enjoyed by my husky cross. she does not need the sensitive food but i feed them the same for the sake of simplicity, and peace of mind that they are both getting a nutritious diet

02/08/17 | Simon gee

Spot on

Very high quality dog food

02/06/17 | Petrina Plumstead

Happy Dogs

Our puppy was fed on this and grew well now she is on Junior and still well no problems with loose motion, when she is a year old she well be on Adult which our two year old labrador is on now and she has no problems.


Two very contented dogs

Both of our dogs have eaten this since day 1, moving from puppy lamb and rice to the adult version of the same flavour. Both dogs are happy, satisfied (although Dalmatians are complete scroungers whatever you feed them) and are in really good health.



I've used James Wellbeloved dog food for many years and find it to be excellent quality,good value for money,and my two Border Terriers absolutely LOVE it!!!!

02/05/17 | Joyce

James well beloved turkey & rice dry dog food

Our 4year old German shepherd does well with this no digestive issues like we have had with some other dog foods



My two labradors have been eating James wellbeloved all of their life, and I wouldn't change to anything else( and I would not want to). It is definitely worth the little extra it costs..... no added rubbish, just wholesome food.


Perfect for our Whippet

Our 18 month old whippet loves this food. Zooplus sell it at a great price and delivery is quick

02/05/17 | Nick Thomas

Simply the Best

I have tried other dried food in the past but nothing compares to JW. My border collie has a very sensitive stomach and this is the only one he can eat without causing upset. It may be a bit more than the own brands but in quality there is no comparison

02/05/17 | Ian

Value for money

Best food for your dogs and well worth the money. All my dogs love this food

02/05/17 | oliver peacock

lamb and rice is very nice

my dogs love james wellbeloved lamb and rice it is there favourite dogfood.