10/10/18 | Darren

WellbeLOVED is the best!!

My 5-year-old Austrailian Shepherd loves this food. We're very careful in what we feed our dog & can't recommend this brand enough. Her energy levels are great, food is gone within a minute or two & her coat is full of colour.

07/07/18 | Agnes

Alergy free

My dog us doing very well on this food! No more digestive problems

05/11/18 | Ray


Changed over from a more expensive vet recommended brand, my dog enjoys eating this much more and always has a good appetite for it, he used to loose his appetite on his old food, his poo is firmer which is handy ;-) cant complain, brilliant offer of an extra 3kg for free also.. happy days


Great for puggles & anal glands!

My puggle suffered with anal gland issues, mainly due to his weight and cheap food. After using James Wellbeloved for 7-8 weeks, his stools have hardened up and reducing the need to empty his glands! He has also dropped to a healthy weight. I mix with Butchers Loaf (as hes fussy) I was going to switch to Burns, but seeing the results of this food i have ordered another bag !

03/17/18 | Mrs.Maria Vittoria Cavina Saporetti

Wellbeloved turkey and rice

Thank You for this product that 's perfect for all the dogs of us, small and delicate. We take care of 1 west highland 14 years old; 2 shi tzu 12 years old and 1 shih tzu 2 years old. All of them feel better with Your "turkey and rice" than with every else product eat before.

12/14/17 | Alana Flynn

Brillant Food

I feed my cocker x whippet on this and she loves it. She does very well on it and her coat is shining. The large bags are well priced also.

11/23/17 | Angela Casserly

Angela Casserly

My dog loves it, his coat is shinier than ever and he has lots of energy.

04/03/17 | sue

cured his sensitive tummy

my labrador has an unfortunately sensitive stomach but he has never had any problem with the james welbeloved (that is, unless he supplements his meals with the odd sock or strawberry gateau!). it is also enjoyed by my husky cross. she does not need the sensitive food but i feed them the same for the sake of simplicity, and peace of mind that they are both getting a nutritious diet

03/11/17 | Amber & Leopold

Good kibble for most dogs.

On &off for the past 10yrs I've alternated our rescue German shepherds food between James wellbeloved &Arden Grange. Purley due to a combination of variety special offers at the time on the above brands .I found the Arden to be good but made her coat very oily due to high chicken oil in the food but the wellbeloved didn't make her skin too oily ,but its higher it seems these days in rice a slight change I think in its content from a few years back .the only issue I have with the wellbeloved food is they add sodium chlorhide as a salt that makes most dogs really woof up .some reviews say its best avoided . I think its good to keep a balance with any dogs diet as with anything or anyone variety is always good .I find the wet pouch food a good topper to both our dogs wellbeloved kibble & must say ours are sensitive dogs and both do very good NO2s which is really good not too bulky or mushy and shiny Coats to match . So I feel this food suits many different dogs of different sizes &breeds and those it doesn't suit must be extremely sensitive indeed if they can't tolerate this kibble .the rice content is fine with most dogs and like I said above it doesn't hurt to give your best buddy a meaty topper or added bit of meaty extras to boost your dogs Meat content too. Plus few days a week I give purely forthglade alone wet tray food a break from dry .I buy here on zooplus as with the above kibbles zooplus do very good deals that keep us coming back for our doggy dinner deals .including time to time a bag of cold pressed nature nah Markus muhule.but only one of my dogs can tolerate that so it's a once in a while treat to give her that variety . The above is our good all rounder for both dogs so Thanks zooplus for your great offers and savings . Woof woof 🐾🐾



My dog enjoys this food. When she eats it she has good digestion, coat an a healthy weight


james wellbeloved dry dog food

My dog enjoys this dog food. It has improved his temperament and coat. Would recommend.

02/06/17 | Petrina Plumstead

Happy Dogs

Our puppy was fed on this and grew well now she is on Junior and still well no problems with loose motion, when she is a year old she well be on Adult which our two year old labrador is on now and she has no problems.

02/06/17 | roobarb

fabulous somerset food

used for my lovely rescue dogs for 18 years! occasionally try other good brands but always go back to this great somerset food within a week or 2. dogs love it (fussy ones too!) and know that protein source is pure so can select flavour that suits them ( allergic to some meats). what not to love ?



I have tried my dog on about 5 or 6 different well known good branded foods and this is the only thing that doesn't make her ill. Shes got an intolerance to beef and has spent numerous nights in the vets but NEVER had a problem with this food :)

02/05/17 | Liz Gannon

Our dogs love this food

We have 1 Rotti puppy of 9 months and 1 Rotti cross of 7 years and the both go crazy for this food, we even use it for treats became they love the taste so much. We only started to use this food for a little over a year now but I can highly recommend it and would never go back to our old food, the condition of the dogs is brilliant, there coats super soft and shiny, well worth every penny and it's delivered to the door. So happy with the service from Zooplus too, so easy to order from.

02/05/17 | Nick Thomas

Simply the Best

I have tried other dried food in the past but nothing compares to JW. My border collie has a very sensitive stomach and this is the only one he can eat without causing upset. It may be a bit more than the own brands but in quality there is no comparison

02/05/17 | Ian

Value for money

Best food for your dogs and well worth the money. All my dogs love this food


Perfect for our Whippet

Our 18 month old whippet loves this food. Zooplus sell it at a great price and delivery is quick



I've used James Wellbeloved dog food for many years and find it to be excellent quality,good value for money,and my two Border Terriers absolutely LOVE it!!!!

02/05/17 | oliver peacock

lamb and rice is very nice

my dogs love james wellbeloved lamb and rice it is there favourite dogfood.

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