01/21/19 | Kirsty Watt


My dog has allergies to corn and he hardly ever scratches on this food.

05/07/18 | Barbara

Very good

My dogs love this and gobble it up

03/17/18 | Mrs.Maria Vittoria Cavina Saporetti

Wellbeloved turkey and rice

Thank You for this product that 's perfect for all the dogs of us, small and delicate. We take care of 1 west highland 14 years old; 2 shi tzu 12 years old and 1 shih tzu 2 years old. All of them feel better with Your "turkey and rice" than with every else product eat before.



Our labrador loves this food and it's great for her digestive system. She had trouble with dog food that has rice and grain in it, this is a great alternative.

10/05/17 | Irene

Perfect for dogs with allergies

My dog is allergic to chicken beef and fish. I was advised to switch to a single protein food and JWB is the only brand that has Lamb or Turkey and veg with no other protein source and it's grain free. Finally i dont see my dog licking or scratching himself crying from pain. If only JWB had rabbit and venison too so I could switch to another flavour... delivery is bang on on time as always. Well done zooplus.

04/03/17 | sue

cured his sensitive tummy

my labrador has an unfortunately sensitive stomach but he has never had any problem with the james welbeloved (that is, unless he supplements his meals with the odd sock or strawberry gateau!). it is also enjoyed by my husky cross. she does not need the sensitive food but i feed them the same for the sake of simplicity, and peace of mind that they are both getting a nutritious diet

02/05/17 | Ian

Value for money

Best food for your dogs and well worth the money. All my dogs love this food


Great food at a good price

Our two pointers love their food. What's good about this food is the fact it produces less waste.

11/08/15 | Patricia Heywood

Fabulous food

I've used James Wellbeloved food longer than I care to admit and I think it's the best. I've had 15 dogs in my lifetime (have 3 now) and I think exercise, good food and love have helped give all my dogs long and happy lives. It isn't the cheapest food but thanks to the prices ar Zooplus I am paying less now than I was from a pet shop 10 years ago. I truly believe that feeding this food keeps vets bills down and I would always highly recommend it.

10/23/15 | Arlyn

One healthy dog

Our rescue dog has been on the JL dried food since we had her at around 4 months old. Puppy, adult, now senior at 11 years old. She has been consistently healthy and still plenty of energy. Also no signs yet of joint stiffness. I buy the 15kg in different flavours and she can't wait to eat it each time. Thank you James Wellbeloved!


quality food

This is a good food but not so good for my 8 month old lab she suffered terribly with wind and runny poos which got worse the longer she was on it having said that she loved the taste but sadly we have had to switch brands

08/03/15 | Amanda Doyle

Couldn't be happier!!

I have a 13 month old Dalmatian who has had repeated extreme ear infections and very windy!!! , finally diagnosed to food allergy of poultry, I switched to lamb and vegetable grain free in May and have had no problems in either department couldn't be happier. Coat is extremely shiny, and is looking in great condition, several great compliments that he is in such good condition, best thing I ever did was switch brands!! He loves that mini jacks too great as a treat!!



Our rescue Lab was being sick pretty much every day - just bile and was perfectly fine the rest of the time. On a walk he'd stop running, throw up and then carry on running. Vets weren't that bothered, Hills food didn't work. Now he's been on the cereal free for months and has been sick about once in all that time - perfect and his coat is shiny and he's full of life. Cannot recommend enough.

05/04/15 | Barbara Gilbert

No more messy poos!

I changed to James WellBeolved Grainfree a couple of years ago for my Golden Retriever. Up till then she often had really runny poos for what seemed no reason at all. Since putting her on this Grainfree she has not had one incident since except when she has eaten something illegal!! I tried changing her a month ago to another Grain Free but although changing her gradually she started going back to the messy poos. Quickly changed back!!


Best dog food ever

We have been using James Beloved for our dogs for 15 years. Keeps their coats soft and glossy and our dogs healthy. The dogs love it! We live in Spain and cannot buy the product here so we always purchase it from Zooplus they deliver it to us in Spain.


My dog loves this.

My German Shepherd has a delicate stomach annd lots of other brands just give her diarrhoea. However James Beloved seems to be well digested and she loves the different flavours. Good price too compared to the shops and some online sites.

05/03/15 | kevin liddle

Great for sensitive stomachs

As most pedigree Boxer owners will know they generally suffer from a sensitive digestive system and stomach , James Wellbeloved is in my opinion the most efficient way to eliminate this problem, not only does it help dramatically with sensitive stomachs it is a extremely well balanced food that gives your beloved friend all they need from a balanced diet.

02/04/15 | Michael Arthur

fresh air

We have a lab x called Persie a rescue who settled in well the only lasting problem . Persie could clear a room faster than a stink bomb , and the problem was worsening every 3 or 4 minutes. In desperation we changed his food from soya to James Wellbeloved , problem over ,,,,, that simple .

01/07/15 | Peter Legge

Doubts creeping in

After trying several well known dry foods we settled on the Ocean White Fish and Rice which seemed to suit our greyhound very well. Good condition, shiny coat etc. She also liked the food and left nothing in the bowl. Recently we noticed that the packaging had changed and it was now called just 'fish and rice'. We now find that the dog is not nearly as keen to eat her food as she was before and at times leaves some in her bowl. We get the feeling that the ingredients have been changed. Has anyone else noticed this?

11/08/14 | Samantha


Hi customers, this dry dog food is brilliant, my Dog really loves the Turkey and Rice and white Fish and Rice she loves all of this range I have tried other foods but she was not so keen so her favorite food is James. I have decided to keep my dog on this food for Life and she never Looses weight she stays the same so shes never under or over and she never suffers any bloat as some foods do contain too much of certain ingredients well as the James has just the correct balance of protine and everything else I highly reccomend this food Thank you