19/06/23 | Patricia McCulloch
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New puppy loves it

We have just adopted a 9 week old x-breed small sized puppy and this is the food the rescue centre uses. Our puppy loves it and we feed it as they did, mixed with hot water to make a thickish paste. I mix her full daily ration in the morning and loosen it with a little hot water as I feed her throughout the day. I'll definitely be sticking with this food - and it's much less expensive buying it from Zooplus
16/01/19 | Denise Jenner
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Jack Russell

Our Jack Russell was from a rescue and poor conditon My daughter did some research on a dog food nutrient site and found Lukullus was well recommended. He use to be so much more begging and this fills him up. lovely coat and very healthy on it. Though I have found we now mix a bit of wet food with it now as he seemed bored with it for a while.
07/01/19 | Karen
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Excellent food

4 out of my 5 dogs have been having this food for the last year ( working Spaniels and a Brittany). My working Cocker can’t eat chicken at all without getting diarrhoea. So this is perfect as there is absolutely no chicken content. They have all thrived on it and maintained perfect weight. They haven’t had the thirst others seem to have experienced and took to it straight away. Cold pressed definitely beats kibble for keeping them in good condition and giving a glossy coat.
29/10/18 | Kat Smith
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I have three dogs, one can be very fussy and all three have stomach problems, they are always super excited for food now, as opposed to their old kibble that they'd just saunter over to. They're all in wonderful condition and now have a wonderful shine to their coat - will be sticking on this!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Bits are far too big

This arrived quickly, and when I opened the pack, my puppy sniffed the air and ran over. However, he is a little Maltese of 21 weeks and the pieces are far bigger than the picture shows, with most between 3 and 4 cms - far too big for his little mouth. They are also too hard for me to break up easily, so I cut a few with poultry shears and he loved them. But I have very arthritic hands, so cutting them all is neither possible nor practical. So they will be given away.
03/05/18 | Paula
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Great food

My two American Bulldogs are very sensitive and fussy I have tried on other kibble but didn't agree after researching I decided to give it a go and I'm pleased I did they have been great on this food.
04/02/18 | Taff
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My 3 GSD love this food and have done for over 5 years
20/12/17 | Mr D
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An unqualified review

I am not a Vet so this review is based on a laymans findings. We have a Westie (they can be quite sensitive to diet) & a rescued spaniel who will eat anything! Even 1 of our cats will have a go at it given a chance! They both seem to enjoy this food (coming from Burns), yes they seem to drink 'slightly' more & there does seem to be a lot more 'mess' in the garden for me to clear up :( The spaniels coat is still VERY shiny & both dogs have plenty of energy! No skin issues with the Westie.
07/11/17 | Pamela Bray
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So Pleased

I have been feeding my 2 rescued Golden Retrievers on this product for a few years and am very pleased with the positive change in them. Their coats are in good condition now, it has sorted out weight problems but most of all their teeth have greatly improved, when we adopted them they had quite marked scaling on their teeth but now they are much improved, even the vet comments on the difference. I believe the cold pressed method is much superior to dry extruded food and have seen the proof!
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Excellent Food

I have been using this food on my Belgian Shephard X Border Collie for nearly 2 years now and it is absolutely perfect. He is sensitive to poultry. Even a slightest poultry gives him dihaerrae. Most foods even Beef based ones might include some poultry in it sometimes but the beef and fish version of this food has no poultry at all. He has been very stable with his weight and his coat shines. Every vet he has been to said keep whatever I have been giving to him.
30/09/17 | Debra Hunt
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Recommended for sensitive stomachs

After some research I switched my pug & frug from Purizon to Lukullus. The richness of Purizon produced so much gas and runny poos from my frug who has a sensitive stomach. The food is very heavy and compacted, so it doesn't look much when you feed twice a day so weighing is essential to avoid overfeeding. Poos are now compact and my stinky boys are much more fragrant.
21/08/17 | Jade
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Does not agree with my lab

I bought this food after reading multiple reviews but have found that it gave my 3yr old chocolate lab awful backdoor trots! I eased him onto the food gently but it still didn't agree with him. Have also noticed excessive drinking since he's been on this diet and not sure if it's connected to the ingredients. The food looks good and I'm sure it's good quality, but it's just not for my boy.
21/08/17 | Jade
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Did not agree with my Labrador

This diet gave my 3yr chocolate lab terrible diarrhoea and made him drink excessively. It looks good quality and he scoffs it down, but just doesn't agree with him.
21/06/17 | Tammy
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First time puppy owner.

After much research decided on this brand for our lab puppy. When we first got him he suffered terrible digestive problems after being on this food for less then a week the problem was sorted. His poo is now firm and easy to pick up, he seems to really enjoy this food and it smells pleasant. He's growing as he should and the vet is very happy with him now. I would recommend. Whilst researching I found a lot of people online believed these reviews were written by people affiliated with zooplus, I am in no way connected to the company.
24/05/17 | Sara
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Patience is a virtue!

Super happy with the move from kibble to cold pressed food of this quality. On the initial change over some of my dogs were gagging and thirsty (as per some negative reviews) but I bared with it, soaked the food more until this stopped which it did for all but one dog. She only weight 12kg so I think maybe the food is too big for her even though she ate it every meal. I have considered breaking her bits up and retrying her. The other 5 dogs are looking great, all have waistline, great stools.
29/04/17 | Sarah
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Great for my sensitive dog!

My dog is currently on Raw however I am using Lukullus to feed alongside . I was drawn to Lukullus due to the high meat content and the fact that it contains no additives and unclear ingredients like many other pet foods. I introduced the wet tins carefully, my Dobermann has an extremely sensitive tummy, I gave him a quarter tin the first day and then over the days increased this. Once he was settled on the tins I then introduced the dry food,as treats, just a handful. My boy has stayed firm throughout introducing this food which is fantastic, as it used to be a nightmare trying to get him settled onto a certain food as he had a bad bout of colitis not too long ago. Bigger poops than on Raw but at least they are firm! Quick delivery! Ordered on a Tuesday, came Thursday. Highly recommend, especially for sensitive dogs!
16/03/17 | Mark
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Good for my itchy skin dog

Have tried a number of wheat free foods for my victorian bulldog who has a number of food allergies that flare up and make him itch his skin. This food has made a noticeable difference. Just be careful on food size as I found one cup of this weighs as much of two of other food I have used. So weigh amount before feeding first time. Highly recommend.
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We struggled finding a food for our pup that had good ingredients and at reasonable price. This fits both, plus its the only food that hasn't effect her number 2's or her bad wind she was having(no longer). Would totally recommend the food to everyone, comes well package and has a nice smell to it surprisingly.
11/02/17 | weasel_198
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Good quality for a good price

My dogs have been on this for a few years now. One of my JRT's was very fussy and literally wouldn't eat his food, I tried a number of other good brands, but none he seemed to like for more than a couple of weeks. I tried Lukullus as it had good properties, dry extruded, good nutritional reviews(I look up on allaboutdogfood.co.uk) without breaking the bank. All my dogs enjoy it, although my older dog doesn't have it so often as she puts on too much weight.
08/02/17 | stewart
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Great food

My German shepherds love this. Good firm stools and nice shiny coat can't recommend it enough