06/05/22 | Colm

Dusty and very dry

I was excited about switching my labrador onto this food as it looks to be high quality and well made. But she won't eat it. Its hard dry and dusty, feels like chalk.


Too dry

These are far too dry and look like wood chips. Dog will only eat them if gravy or milk is poured over them and even then will go all day and really hungry. No option to buy a trial pack is not great.

03/03/19 | liz

after six years i found the one

i have a very fussy samoyed who is fed a mix of fresh meat and dry kibble, he has had the best of the best dry kibble even on origin he had soft sloppy poops and was getting very lazy he wouldn't run about the way he used too - i just put it down to getting older - three days on this stuff and i have a puppy again, the chanGe in my dog is unreal, his poops are lovely and solid, he needS a lot less and he actually eats in on its own. i am baffled as to why this food is SO MUCH BETTER than kibble


Om nom nom

Best food for my dogs

08/30/18 | Candace Melloney Harding


I have used this for years and dogs are very happy with it, but in recent months there seems to be a lot of dust and very small bits, so I have to sieve the last servings or the dogs get a mouthful of dust. Can this be sorted please?


Going down well

I have 2 german shepherds fed on costly other cold pressed dry dog food. I read excellent reviews on MM some time ago and have finally taken the plunge and bought it. Currently transitioning between the two foods but they love MM as much as the other food which is twice the price. As the regular 11 - 12 kg bag does us just over 2 weeks I look forward to good quality dog food only costing me almost €100 rather than the almost €200 per month.

05/24/18 | Petra

Excellent food and great value

We have four dogs, three of whom are very fussy and we have even had to hand-feed two of them when using very expensive grain-free food that we thought they would love. This is the first food we have tried that all four love and want more!

02/27/18 | Frank Gilbert


Floyd my staffie has been on this now for 3 months. He loves it. His coat and skin are in super condition. All I've had from people when I take him for walks, is his condition. Good food really does make a difference.

02/26/18 | Lorraine Reynolds

Very happy healthy dogs😍

My 3 are raw fed in evening, and for breakfast have this food which they absolutely love! Never had a bad belly, weight is stable, and poos are minimal! Would definitely recommend this dog food, plus it dose’t swell in the dogs stomach like most kibble!!!!


greyhound gives it high five

My greyhound's coat has become noticeably silkier. Added benefit - cold pressed kibble requires crunching so it stops him gobbling - less flatulence and firmer poops.

10/27/17 | Jennifer

My flat coat loves this food!

Tried this for our flat coated retriever when he turned a year old. I wanted nutritious, reasonably priced food that our dog enjoys... that's what we've got with MM. Basil's coat is shiny and his poo is much more solid. And Basil gets super excited, springing about licking his lips when we're getting his dinner! He was nowhere near as keen on Wellbeloved junior, v pleased now. Be aware with cold pressed food it's heavier so it looks as if you're feeding them less. We'll be sticking with MM.

08/31/17 | Dot smith

Really excellent

I have 2 small terrier crosses aged 6 and 5. IThis food was recommended by a friend, 3 years ago and they have been fed solely on this feed since then. They are fed twice a day after a run, their poos are firm, their coats shiny and they are very muscular - weighing a ton for their size! They gobble up their feed which to which I add some warm water. No fuss and very healthy dogs. Recommended.

08/18/17 | Cathie


Been feeding my Flatcoats this for a couple of years now and started my last litter on the Black Angus Junior, it is never refused and they look fabulous on it. Value for money and delivery is prompt and reliable.

05/30/17 | Carol


I've been feeding my 4 y/o Springer and 3 y/o Vizsla on Adult and my 14 y/o Springer on Senior for a couple of years and they all do really well on it. My old Springer was a fussy eater and would rather starve than eat something she doesn't fancy but with MM she literally skips about waiting for her bowl. They all three check each other's bowl when they've finished their own dinner. Delivery is good. Can't recommend enough.

02/15/17 | Jo Robinson

Clean Bowls Every Time

I used to Raw feed my 2 dogs due to one of them being a fuzzy eater and struggling with Kibble based foods. However a friend recommended we try this product a year ago and I was amazed at witnessing them both tuck in and finished their bowls within minutes! We've fed Markus Mühle ever since and both dogs have fantastic coats, teeth and energy levels.


Fantastic food

I have 7 dogs, 6 small and 1large. They all utterly adore this food. I've tried other well known brands but nothing matches this food. It comes out as one of the best on the market for nutrition. Will not be trying any other brand after using this as I know my dogs wouldn't eat any other. It smells good too.

07/13/16 | gillian

three happy dogs

have a 13 yr , 7 yr and 2 yr old dog - crossbreed collies and a labrador they were all on tails specific to them foods and just getting too expensive- had moved to that as they just weren't eating the food i was buying before - all three love the markus muhle dry food and are looking healthier than ever no drinking or bowel problems for any of them

05/26/16 | Louise

Good stuff 🐾🐾🐾🐾👍

All these Markus M dry foods suit our German shepherds over the past year of feeding them normal whoopsies and no upsets either and the company has good ethics too.Delivery good no damages on arrival and we some times feed lukuluss too which is very very similar as a change of flavours .it's good there's often offers on here too as when you have a couple of large dogs you do get through a bag quite quickly. AS with all dog foods I think its trial and error some dogs like big kibbles some don't.some are sensitive to the slightest change and may not take to this so gradual introduction is essential to the newcomer to this cold pressed variety but I believe its worth it with carefull introduction to the newbie to this food . 🐾🐾🐾🐾


Great product

After being educated on the ingredients of certain well known dog food brands we were advised to feed our 5year old boxer cross Marcus Muhule. Now, my dog isn't fussy and has a stomach of steel but I feel reassured that this high protein dog food helps him to thrive. He has a glossy coat, boundless energy and solid stools. It is a very reasonable price and is delivered quickly. It does have a strong smell, but I think that makes it all the more appealing to our dog!


Excellent food, great price

Have fed my retriever this for 2 years. Would not try anything else. Superb

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