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Lupo dry food

My rotty loves it... It's really good food and we are happy about it.
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Fantastic dog food

This is by far the best dog food I've found, I have a rottie and his coat is fabulous, he's never had any stomach problems. He can't wait to get at it, like others we also found feeding instructions difficult to understand. Had to give 50% more per feed and now he is totally satisfied and happy.
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06/27/16 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Extremely satisfied!

We've got 2 Rottis and have tried lots of different foods, but we always come back to Lupo Swiss Chicken. Their coats just gleam and no tummy troubles either. This food gives them everything they need!
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01/11/16 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Ended up giving it away to be used as mixer

I wrote a previous review about how much weight my dogs lost on this, and in error gave it 5 stars. It took them a month to recover. Not suitable for small dogs due to the size of kibble and totally wrong feeding guide, which left my dogs losing weight. couldn't bring myself to give them the rest. It went to the neighbour's bigger dogs to be used as a mixer. Would never purchase again.
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Lack of Feeding Guide Information

I found this food after researching low fat foods. The thing I found so difficult is how much to feed because the body weight percentage advice seems such a low amount.? The manufacturers owe it to their customers and the health and welfare of their dogs to provide a chart as guidance of how much to feed and as some have found the amount of food at that percentage isn't adequate to maintain weight. Also no instructions as to soak or feed dry? Good food though let down by a lack of info on bag.
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10/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Dogs lost weight eating recommended amount

My two English Toy Terriers have both lost weight eating the recommended serving of this food and I have had to nearly double the amount given. Very unhappy and kicking myself for not realising sooner, worried in case this has harmed them. One of the dogs (They were 5.4kg and 4.7kg) is fine with the kibble but the other struggles with the size and I have to snap them in half or soften them for her. I wouldn't buy this again and will be relieved when the bag is finished.
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09/15/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Ethical diet for dogs

It's terribly hard to find dog foods using free-range chicken. Some of the very expensive grain-free ones are but I can't quite afford those prices. This food is from the same people as Markus Muhle but with the added bonus of using humanely reared, free-range chicken as the main protein. AND they donate a small amount for each purchase to animal welfare charities. My dog loves the chunky kibble (pellet shaped just like MM) and she looks great on it. I think I've found the ideal dog food!
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Working spaniel loves it!

Found this by accident when on offer. Phoebe will not normally eat dried food unless mixed in with wet, but she eats this with enthusiasm. I have even been able to substitute it (some quite large kibble pieces) for treats to help with her weight control. I will be buying more, even at the full price. Have only found it on zooplus so far.
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Good for big dogs

My dachshund likes this food. I have only used it as a treat because the pieces are large for a small dog. Smaller pieces would be better for my dog.
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Great Food

fussy JRT loves this - shame you can only buy in large bags - need a smaller size not only for the dog but for those of us who have nowhere to store huge containers
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05/14/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Still waiting to be 'wowed'

I bought this for my two dogs because I wanted to get a better quality food for my 6 yr old collie/spaniel cross who has developed a delicate stomach. This rated highly in independent reviews and I chose it above its competitors because it did not use lots of additives and preservatives in the manufacturing process and above all I liked the ethics behind only using free range chicken in its supply chain. The food is about a third more expensive than the brand I was previously using - which is fine - but it doesn't go as far and I find that I have to feed rather a lot of it for my dogs to maintain their weight. About 50% more than the recommended amount. Because of the large amount that I feed, I find my dogs will skip one or two meals a week just because they can't get through the quantity, meaning they miss the equivalent of a days calories a week, causing me to try and feed them more to make up! I can only assume that this is because the less expensive (lower quality?) food I fed before was more calorie dense? I should probably mention that my dogs are very high energy breeds and they get a lot of exercise. On the positive, they like the food well enough (they are not fussy eaters) and it seems to suit my spaniel/collie's digestion system. And I sleep well at night knowing that I am not supporting cruelty to chickens!
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Excellent Food

At last a dog food my dog will eat with gusto, I normally have to coax her to eat her food. But with Lupo there is no need, she eats hers then goes straight after our other dogs food and tries to pinch his.
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09/08/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

An excellent dried food

We feed this to our own dogs and boarding dogs in addition to fresh meat. It never upsets their stomachs and is very palatable. I like the fact that there are only naturally derived vitamins and minerals in this product.
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happy dogs

i have used lupo natural,markus and lukullus beef for some time now on my two weimaraners.they love all three, and i mix to give a more varied meal.good value and stools are always firm.very happy with all three and i wont be changing back to extruded .
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Gives Acana and Orijen a run for their money

I feed my dogs Orijen, Acana and other good foods. I buy only grain free varieties as I don't believe dogs need cheap grains in their diet. Oats are fine but definitely no bulking agents such as wheat and other rubbish ingredients. I bought this food last time and my five dogs enjoyed it very much. It works out cheaper than Acana and Orijen so I will be giving them both a miss for a while and buying this one.
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08/30/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

My Girls Love it

Was worried for my smallest when I saw the size of kibble, but the first day she tried it she took out all the lupo kibble and ate it and left all the old food till last. At least the kibble makes them chew their food and not swallow it whole. Their feces have been smaller and not so numerous. Still have it mixed with old food to use it up so not sure what they will be like on Lupo alone but so far I am very pleased with this food. Especially for my ColliexBichon who has very sensitive stomach and can't have egg. To anyone worried about kibble size, don't. My little Bichon jacke russel cross with her undershot jaw and few teeth manages it fine.
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