14/02/18 | Linda
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All good!

Changed from Simpsons 80-20, as this was on offer. Both my dogs enjoyed it - I think they prefer the lamb to to the duck, as they ate this first, but scoffed both! Poo more solid with this than other premium food, so easier to pick up! Definitely worth a try, while it’s on offer.
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This new Salmon Single Meat flavour is excellent - smells great and is healthy too. Brilliant quality dog food.
08/08/17 | Claire Sheldon-Battle
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this food is great

The vets told me that Stan the Greyhound was to thin and I had to confess that keeping weight on him has been tricky, but not anymore. This is a great food he has gained weight and is now steady maintaining it. His coat is glossy and he looks in great condition.
23/09/16 | Manda
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Duck a hit, chicken not so much.

These are good value bags especially with the current offer. The biscuits are chunkier and slightly larger than the normal purizon. Similar to the wolf of wilderness biscuits if you've had those. I'd upload a picture but i can't seem to see the option, perhaps because I am on my phone. The duck was a big hit with my blob, who tends to prefer the beef and salmon of the normal purizon. The chicken he did eat begrudgingly but only when thats all that was left. He would pick out all the better biscuits first, as i mix them for variety. For this price they are definitely worth trying and if your dog doesnt like them, I am sure a neighbours dog or animal shelter would.
14/09/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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I was looking for big kibble for my 9 months puppy, i have gone from Taste of the Wild to Purizon Single Meat. REally good ingredients, quick transition, healthy appetuitie and good poos. Lima has a beautiful shiny fur and eats well (well doen as she if really fussy). One MOnth is Chicken and the other month it is duck! All in allreally happy! I will recommend these products!
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Changing to Adult food

This product seems good and the bag sizes are really useful when changing over from puppy food. Large bag sizes are not useful at this stage when introducing new brands. Using alternately with wet food. My beagle eats anything and everything so the quality of food is important for health and steady weight monitoring. He is looking good!
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Contains added salt!

The duck with apple variety includes sodium chloride & sunflower oil.Neither is stated on Zooplus's ingredients list. I'd ordered this on strength of it being grain-free & no added salt.Kibble is quite small, (flattish ovals).
22/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Purizon Single Meat

Can only recommend this food! My girl Leckie just can't wait to have this every morning :)
15/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Really great, my dogs devoured it and there have been no problems! More flavours please!!