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My little doggy loves it

I have been using it for my Cavalier King Charles for 7 years now. She still loves this food so much

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My Cavalier King Charles had an operation and now I have to buy the RC sterilised Cavalier King Charles

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Royal Canin Adult for better health

My Cavalier King Charles refuses the Royal Canin Cavalier King Charles Adult on its own - I mix in some beef or chicken that I prepare myself - no sausages, no pig! I would also recommend drizzling some high quality oil on top. My dog likes it and it's great for his skin - his dandruff has gotten much better. The bottom line: my dog is 7 years old & healthy. I only went to the vet's for his shots. I dewormed him myself using carrots, pumpkin seeds, and coconut flakes.

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Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles owner here, I chose this food specifically because it looked like it would help my dog regulate his weight better. I would like to thank you profusely for the quick delivery. I highly recommend your site +++



Our dog is turning 17 on the 2nd of November, she has always eaten this kibble, she has never been overweight and has always had a great physique.


Our beauties love this kibble

We have tried every dry food out there to please our beauties at home, who are very fussy but they can't get enough of this stuff


High quality product

This product is very good quality. I have been using it for several years, having used the Junior kibble before that. When it comes to the service, zooplus are second to none. Ordering as well as delivery are very quick. And the price is simply unbeatable. Hopefully it stays that way forever...

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Fox, my 9 year old Cavalier King Charles has been having this dry food for years and he still loves it. He enjoys every bowl and has never had any digestive issues. I would highly recommend Royal Canin for your dog(s)


My little cavalier King Charles's dry food

Excellent product, my dog is very fussy but she loves this stuff. It has everything she needs to stay in the best of health. I 100% recommend this kibble

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Royal Canin for Cavalier King Charles

really high quality product much better than the brand I was using before I would definitely recommend it for all King Charles lovers out there

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Cavalier king charles adult dry food

My little dog loves it, the kibble is great for his vitality

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Ultra fast delivery (3 days ! )

My KCC has been eating this dry food since the beginning, and if I try to change it he gets very cross. I'm saving nearly 5 euros per kg by ordering in bulk !


Very satisfied

The quality matched my expectations and the delivery was quick and efficient.

09/14/18 | Lawrence Fagan

Royal Canin (Adult) Cavalier/King Charles Dry Dog Food

Excellent Product - Both our Dogs love this food! Would highly recommend!

08/02/18 | Marcia mazey

Royal Canin cavilet king charles

High quality food would definitely recommend it


Loves it

My little pupper loves it, she’s now 12 so she’s getting very fussy but she loves this! Would recommend



Great service from zoo plus, my dog loves her food, she has a healthy shiny coat and is healthy eating this product

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Great food for young cavaliers, very palatable and they wolf it down! The best thing is the size of the croquettes. I can only recommend!


super product

I have always used royal canin,my cavaliers love it. My dogs have always done well on it and I particularly like the breed food for cavaliers. I started my puppy on the junior and at 10 months has just gone onto adult,he really loves it.I would'nt use anything else


Very Tastey for My Dog

My dog was a fussy eater until we discovered this product, she has been on Royal Canin for years and loves it. Zooplus prices are very competitve and they give excellent service.